JAKARTA – Semen Baturaja has managed to achieve the best award during the State Owned Enterprises Performance (BUMN) Excellence Awards (BPEA) year 2020 that was held by the State Owned Enterprise Excellent Forum in collaboration with Infobank Magazine located in Grand Ballroom Kempinski Hotel on Jakarta at Wednesday, 4 March.

Semen Baturaja has become one of the state owned enterprises that qualify for the Emerging Industry Leader (EIL) level together with 22 other enterprises based on the assessment of Assessment 100 BUMN that was carried by the Assessment Team of BUMN Excellent Forum.

BPEA is the award ceremony of BUMN from the Ministry of BUMN that is based on the assessment of KPKU BUMN in which a company is capable of utilizing the KPKU-based excellent business model which allows for the establishing of competitive quality through the integration of various management systems in order to achieve a certain degree of excellent work performance.

This award is a sign of proof concerning Semen Baturaja’s consistency when it comes to its continuous service and good performance as it aspires to be the leading state owned enterprise in Indonesia.

PALEMBANG – In an effort to anticipate the spreading of Corona Virus (Covid-19), Semen Baturaja has organized a series of preventive actions by measuring the body temperature of its employees by using thermal scanners that soon will be transported into the area of Semen Baturaja.

Other than the temperature measurement, Semen Baturaja also planned to distribute free face masks, providing antiseptic liquids within the office environment, and organizing a socialization for the employees concerning the Corona virus spreading and its preventive measures.

Semen Baturaja will strive to raise awareness and provide protection to its employees’ health while also proactively lend support to the government in anticipating the spreading of Corona virus.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has issued certification over their products in compliance to Indonesia National Standard (SNI) under the spirit of realizing the vision and mission of Semen Baturaja along with the commitment of the entire community of Semen Baturaja in providing quality products for citizens. Examples of the certified products include: OPC Type 1, OPC Type 2, OPC Type 5 and PCC.

SNI itself is an internationally applicable product testing standard that is being regulated by the National Standardization Agency and is formulated by the Technical Committee whose purpose is to measure the grade and quality of products. Some of their other purposes include:

  • To help smoothen business practices
  • To moderate and maintain healthy business competition
  • To ensure the safety use standard of the products

As a token of compliance of the SNI’s standard, Semen Baturaja had worked together with the Association of Industry Research and Industrialization of Palembang to enact the Audit Surveillance of Product Certification of Indonesia National Standard Sign on 18-24 February.

Through the Audit Surveillance, Semen Baturaja strives to maintain the quality of its products and aims to always become a pioneering Cement Industry in Indonesia while providing satisfactory service to locals.

PALEMBANG – The Main Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, has been elected as one of the speakers for the Investor Seminar of “Stock & Market Update 2020” that was organized by Mirae Asset Sekuritas in collaboration with Indonesia Stock Exchange of South Sumatra branch on Saturday, 22 February, in Indonesia Stock Exchange Representative office, Palembang.

Other than Semen Baturaja, the seminar that was officially opened by the Representative Head of Paembang’s Indonesia Stock Exchange, Hari Mulyono, also featured the reprentative from HOKI, Dian Surijata, who is also acting as the Head of Investor, and Representative from Mirae Asset Sekuritas, Agung Purwo Nughroho, as the speakers.

Jobi Triananda Hasjim has presented a quick look on the business performance and prospect of Semen Baturaja thoroughly to the seminar attendees, who consisted of investors and aspiring ones alike, with the goal of attracting them to invest on Semen Baturaja as one of South Sumatra issuer companies.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has recently visited TVRI (Television of Indonesian Republic) of South Sumatra to improve relation and also looking for a collaborative work among both state owned enterprises.

The visitation of the Main Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, accompanied by the Vice President Corporate Secretary, Basthony Santri, was being greeted amicably by the Head of South Sumatra TVRI Station, Sukirman, inside the TVRI’s office on Palembang at Friday, 21 February.

During the meeting, both companies discussed about the prospect of working together with a clear goal of promoting the local natural resources potential in South Sumatra province. The Head Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi, stated that both TVRI and SMBR bear the same responsibility in managing the existing potentials; one of which lies in Semen Baturaja.

Through a variety of South Sumatra TVRI’s television programs and broadcast networks that cover through areas of South Sumatra, Semen Baturaja is confident in its choice of TVRI as a partner in promoting their products.

PALEMBANG – To celebrate the National Work Safety and Health Month 2020, Semen Baturaja has collaborated with Red Cross Indonesia to organize blood donor. The donor was held on 3 sites of Semen Baturaja’s plants, which are: Palembang, Baturaja, and Panjang. The blood donor which involved the entire community of Semen Baturaja took place at Baturaja Plant on Thursday, 6 February, then at Panjang Plant on Friday, 7 February, and finally at Palembang on Wednesday, 12 February. Not only it is a form of philanthropic act to help save the lives of other people who needed the blood, the donation is also beneficial for the health of its donor.

Other than the blood donor, Semen Baturaja also held various Work Safety and Health themed contests whose aim is to plant awareness on its employee concerning the importance of practicing work safety and health. Some of the contests being held on Wednesday, 12 February, include quizzes with themes of work safety and health, a fire extinguishing demonstration show using Fire Ball, Body Harness usage showcase, and APAR.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has been awarded for the Best Innovator of Work Safety and Health in South Sumatra Province in commemoration of national Work Safety and Health month year 2020 of South Sumatra.

The award was presented by the South Sumatra Vice Governor, H. Mawardi Yahya, who also lead the ceremony to commemorate the national Work Safety and Health month year 2020 of South Sumatra as its inspector that was held in PT Pupuk Sriwidjaya’s ground, Palembang, 12 February.

Other than Semen Baturaja, there were also other companies in South Sumatra province who has also achieved the same award, they are: PT PUSRI, PT TEL, PT Sampoerna Agro, PLN WS2JB, PT PELINDO, PT Tania Selatan, Pertamina RU3, PT Bukit Asam, and PT OKI Pulp and Paper.

The Vice Governor of South Sumatra, H. Mawardi Yahya, encouraged all involved parties to strive in improving the supervision and awareness of Work Safety and Health, regardless of their position; businessmen, union workers, workers, and citizens alike.

He believes that in order to make the program and national strategy of Work Safety and Health effective, there needs to be support from all groups because the responsibility involved with the program is not only relegated to the businessmen, but also the union workers who are expected to pay heed and push the program so that it can be run effectively.

Attending on the ceremony is the Head of Labor and Transmigration Official of South Sumatra province, Drs. Koimudin., SH. M.M, the Production Director of PT. PUSRI, Filius Yuliandi, and also the lead directors of South Sumatra’s State/Region Owned Enterprises. Participants of the ceremony comprises of South Sumatra’s State/Region Owned Enterprises, Labor and Transmigration Official, and company representatives.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has been awarded The Best Indonesia Corporate Secretary & Corporate Communication Award V 2020 (ICCA) for the cement industry category.

The award was directly presented by the General Secretary of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, Rosarita Niken Widiastuti, and IPMI International Business School’s Professor, Roy Sembel, accompanied by the Head of Economic Review Editorial Staff, Irlisa Rachmadiana, to the VP Corporate Secretary of Semen Baturaja, Basthony Santri.

The award show of Corporate Secretary & Corporate Communication Award V 2020 was held by the Economic Review Magazine located on third floor Auditorium of IPMI International Business School, Jakarta at Friday, 7 February.

During the occasion, Economic Review had picked the companies that they deem to be capable of planning, enacting, observing, and evaluating corporeal communication program strategically, while also proving to be effective in building up company’s reputation within a broad extent.

The award claimed is a form of appreciation, support, and trust towards Semen Baturaja in shaping a good communication with stakeholders.

PALEMBANG – In order to retain the Certificate of Management System of Workers Safety and Health, Semen Baturaja had conducted Resertification Audit on 2020 enacted by Sucofindo.

The auditing process took place in 3 sites; Palembang Plant on 20-21 January 2020, Baturaja Plant on 22-24 January 2020, and Panjang Plant on 27-28 January 2020.

The Company’s Management System, which is being regulated by the Ministry of Labor and Transmigration, is aimed to establish a work safety and health maintenance system in order to create a safe, efficient, and productive work environment.

The recertification audit is making sure that the organization’s management system of work safety and health is being documented, implemented, and maintained effectively while also qualify for the standards of applicable audit, law, and regulation (PP. 50 Year 2012).

According to the reported achievement level of the company’s management system application, the listed rates are as follows: Palembang Plant: 90,96, Baturaja Plant: 92,77, and Panjang Plant: 92,16. Thanks to this performance, Semen Baturaja has received recommendation from Sucofindo to retain the Golden Flag achievement.

PALEMBANG – Having previously collaborated with the South Sumatra Social Welfare CSR Forum to organize the Technical Training of Brick and Concrete Block Making on 12 December 2019, the CSR of Semen Baturaja has recently just donated brick & paving stone making machine and also cement mixer that were symbolically received by J. Rianthony Nata Kesuma, acting as the Head of South Sumatra Social Welfare CSR Forum.

Through both of these donated machineries, the Management team of Semen Baturaja wished that the participants of the training would be able to immediately practice the brick and concrete block production so as to further prepare them for jobs that require the specific skills and proficiency in corresponding field.

Semen Baturaja is also in full support of the government’s program that aims to raise the most excellent human resources in order to hasten the development of the country of Indonesia.