Jakarta, October 21, 2016, at the Mawar 1 Ballroom, Balai Kartini has lasted The Best Listed Company Awards 2016. This event was held by the Economic Review magazine and IPMI (International Business School). PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk gained 2nd place for groups of Cement Business, Basic Industry & Chemical Sector. This award was received by the CEO Mr. Pamudji Rahardjo and accompanied by the Director of Finance Mr. Ageng Purboyo Angrenggono.

This award is given to the best open company in Indonesia is considered able to contribute significantly to the development of business and the economy in the country. Through this award, each company is expected to be encouraged to improve achievement and its critical role in national economic development, through increased performance, professionalism, and competitiveness of enterprises.

Rating based on financial performance in 2015 using the method of calculation and analysis of data obtained from the Public Website, Annual Report 2015 and from a variety of sources. In addition, the Company’s various activities such as CSR, communication and marketing activities also give points to the judging of this award.

This event aims to reward the growth of delta growth public company already listed in the Jakarta Stock Exchange throughout 2015-2016. Of the 500 companies, the judges worked hard to decide the 113 best companies in its field. 113th issuer consists of nine sectors and divided into 46 business groups.

Jakarta, October 20, 2016 at the Shangri-La has held the awards ceremony Infobank BUMN Awards 2016.

The event was initiated by Infobank Magazine as part of efforts to encourage state-owned enterprises to continuously improve the management of the well and the award is given based on the best performance in each industry, as well as financial performance period 2014-2015

Ranked 122 SOEs version Infobank 2016, produced 58 companies predicated as “Excellent”. The main assessment in the rating is based on the growth of the business and key financial ratios. In this award PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk secured the title of “Excellent”, in the category “Cement industry”.

This award is given directly to the President Director of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk  Mr Pamudji Rahardjo, who was accompanied by Director of Finance Mr. Ageng Purboyo Angrenggono.

Quoted from Infobank magazine coverage, performance Semen Baturaja showed an increase in 2015, as a result predicate “Excellent” was obtained Semen Baturaja. Improvements in terms of performance last year makes PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk optimistic can pump grow better performance this year.

Various infrastructure projects are running in Sumatra, such as the construction of trans Sumatra highway will sustain business of Semen Baturaja.