PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja (SMBR) has donated several medical equipment supplies to Task Force of Rapid Handling of Covid-19 in Palembang city on Wednesday, 13 May, as one of the company’s vigilant policies in compliance to the decreed Letter of Large Scale Social Distancing enactment by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Report by the Task Force concerning the increase in positive Covid-19 infection case, where a total of 441 patients are listed, in South Sumatra as per 14 May 2020 has further solidified the enactment. “With the increasing number of infection case, the frontier of the medical force needs to be emboldened,” as Fuad Azizi, the Senior Manager Corporate Social Responsibility representing SMBR Management team, stated when he distributed the supplies to the Regional Secretary of Palembang city, Ratu Dewa, in the official residence of the mayor of Palembang.

The medical supplies given consisted of 1250 pieces of medical mask, 50 pieces of protective equipments, 5000 pieces of handscoons, 50 pieces of goggle glasses, 50 liter of hand sanitizers, and 2000 pieces of cloth face mask. Other than that, during the same occasion, SMBR has also donated 438 packages of food supplies. “We also handed out free food supplies for members of the Task Force. Hopefully it helps them all,” Fuad added. Previously, SMBR, who has been appointed as the coordinator for the Task Force of Covid-19 Disaster Handling in the region of Ogan, Komering, and Ulu (OKU), had also already provided medical equipments to said Task Force.

PALEMBANG – As a gesture of consideration towards the citizens affected by Covid-19, Semen Baturaja along with Bukit Asam and Kapuas Musi Madelyn, both being distributors of Semen Baturaja, have donated 246 packages of food supplies. The donation was held in Palembang Golf Center on Saturday, 9 May, with Fuad Azizi, the Senior Manager CSR, attending while also acting as representative of Semen Baturaja Management team. The food supplies given in the middle of the holy month of Ramadhan can hopefully relieve the burden of many people, particularly those who have lost their livelihood due to the impact of Covid-19.

BATURAJA – In welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan, Semen Baturaja has again showed their consideration towards locals living near by the Baturaja Plant through distributing food supplies packages; something that has become an annual tradition for them. This year, Semen Baturaja has distributed 18.450 free packages into six sub-districts and two villages around the area of Baturaja Plant. The donation has been carried out steadily starting on Wednesday, 13 May, and it includes sub-districts of Air Gading, Sukajadi, Talang Jawa, Tanjung Agung, Batu Kuning, Saung Naga, and the two villages of Pusar and Laya whose location are directly adjacent with Semen Baturaja Plant.

Each of the free packages was distributed through the offices of each district and villages. As for the next step, the Management team of Semen Baturaja would inform the district and village officials about the appropriate technical distributing process for the citizens in need of those supplies, so as to not violate the government’s restriction about activities that might attract a large gathering of people during the pandemic. The Main Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, has stated that the philanthropic activity is a part of the company’s budgeted CSR program that is meant for a show of consideration towards the environment and locals living near by the Plant which aims to lessen the social economic burden caused by Covid-19 pandemic. “The supplies were given just in time with the coming holy month of Ramadhan, we are hoping that it could help ease the demand for food necessities during fasting, and we also hope that this act of compassion can give blessing to us all in Semen Baturaja,” he added.

BATURAJA – Coinciding with the May Day, or National Labor Day, Semen Baturaja Worker’s Union had conducted a social activity as form of solidarity between fellow workers. On Wednesday, 6 April, the Union had donated 300 pieces of face masks and provided takjil (sweet treats during Ramadhan) for officers working on Covid-19 Posts in OKU Region, Pasar Atas post, Batu Kuning post, and Lubuk Batang post. Hopefully, through this show of consideration, it could lift up the spirits of all officers (military soldiers, polices, disaster management boards, municipal polices, and medics) who are working hard to ensure the safety and well being of citizens from the threat of Covid-19. We all should also contribute to their cause by maintaining our health, wear face mask, and diligently wash our hands to prevent Covid-19 infection. Lastly, it is better to keep staying at home unless there’s emergency.