PALEMBANG – The General & Human Resources Director of Semen Baturaja, Amrullah has become one of the panelists during the Housing Talkshow that celebrates the National Housing Day 2020 that was held on Friday, 28 August, at Arya Duta Palembang hotel.

The talkshow, which has adopted the theme “Realizing First House for Low-income Households & National Housing Reformation”, has discussed about government’s attempt to provide subsidized house with affordable price, sufficient quality, and worth inhabiting for low-income households with the help of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic of Indonesia.

The talkshow invited the Head of Housing and Settlement Area Official of South Sumatra, Basyarudin Akhmad and the Director of Housing Funding Coordinator of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic of Indonesia, Adang Sutara as keynote speaker together with several other panelists, of which are the Head of BP2BTJ Housing Program Facilitator Team, Rianthony Nata Kusuma, Director of the company of Nusantara Bangun Rumah, Hartama B.I Barus, as well as the representatives from Mandiri Bank and BTN Bank.

The talkshow had also announced the winners of the House Designing Contest and Photography Contest that were held by the Housing and Settlement Area Official of South Sumatra.

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The Strategy was Informed to Public Expose Live 2020 that was Held by IDX in Collaboration with OJK, KPEI, & KSEI

The Management Team Keeps on Pushing for the Sales of Mortar and Developing White Clay-producing Facility

JAKARTA – Semen Baturaja has become the first Open Company in Public Expose Live 2020 that was held by Indonesia Stock Exchange on Monday, 24 August, through interactive internet-based Zoom Meeting application.

Presentations regarding the company’s achievement during the entirety of Semester I/2020 and future planning in Semester II/2020 were being directly delivered by the Main Director, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, accompanied by Financial Director, M. Jamil and Vice President Corporate Secretary, Basthony Santri.

With the drop in demand for national cement products during the entire Semester I/2020, the company of Semen Baturaja (SMBR) as one of the State-owned Business Enterprises within cement industry has already prepared several strategic measures to reach target in Semester II/2020.

A glance at SMBR’s achievement in Semester I/2020 has shown a less than desirable result. The Main Director Jobi Triananda Hasjim has stated that the company will focus to improve the sales performance in order to reach target in Semester II/2020.

One of the strategic measures prepared by SMBR is to improve the sales of its newest product variations, such as Mortar and White Clay.

“This Semester II/2020, our Mortar, under the brand Baturaja Mortar, will be released and sold in mass production after several previous months of market trial in Bandar Lampung region” Jobi said.

Baturaja Mortar features 5 (five) variants, which are: Acian Mortar, Pairs of Lightweight Concretes, Ceramic Adhesive, Pairs of Concrete and Plastering, and White Acian. SMBR has prepared two production units with the capacity of 1,5 and 6 tons per days which are located in Panjang Plant in Lampung to supply Mortar.

Other than that, in order to support the sales of White Clay product which contributes largely to SMBR’s performance, the company has also been developing White Clay production facility to help achieve the 50.000 ton target in accordance with the sales contract that SMBR has signed with the company of Pusri, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s Fertilizer Manufactory.

Through Semester I/2020, the realization of White Clay sales have reached 15.282 ton or 7% higher from the initial target within said period.

“Our company is confident that the sales target of White Clay in 2020 will be reached over time as its production facility become more accessible” Jobi added.

Through its subsidiary company, Baturaja Multi Usaha (BMU), Semen Baturaja has also expanded into the business of Lightweight Concrete while also preparing other derivative products, such as Fiber Cement Board (FCB) and Porous Concrete that are still undergoing testing phase.

Other than developing its product variants, SMBR is also focused on improving the sales of cement particularly on its home base in South Sumatra. SMBR has also readies some anticipative measures to reach target in Semester II/2020 such as market expansion outside of South Sumatra. The prime shipping of cement products to Pontianak, West Kalimantan amounting of 2.250 ton as per July 2020 has become the entry point of the company to enter the market inside Kalimantan. Further, SMBR has actually also been preparing to expand its market into the province of Riau in the near future.

The management team of SMBR has also been taking measures of raw materials and energy efficiency, strengthening cash flow through doing investment credit repackaging, and postponing several capital expenditure budgets to improve the company’s performance in 2020.

Throughout Semester I/2020, SMBR has recorded its cement sales volume to be 746.612 ton, or reaching 84% in comparison with last year’s same period. The achievement of this sales volume is considered to be well enough if taking into account the impact of Covid-19 pandemic that has caused the significant decline of cement demand within the entire region under the company’s sales territory.

The management team has also become more confident that SMBR’s performance in Semester II/2020 can be improved in conjunction with the release of National Economic Recovery program by the government which is hoped to be able to help push the growth of property sector, who is a main attractor of cement industry.

JAKARTA – PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMBR) one of the state-owned companies in South Sumatra engaged in the cement industry has just held the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders (AGMS) for Fiscal Year 2019 at Sari Pacific Hotel Jakarta, August 5, 2020 led directly by the Company’s Independent Commissioner, Darusman Mawardi.

At the AGMS, SMBR net profit was agreed in fiscal year 2019 amounting to Rp.30,072 billion, set dividend payout ratio of 20.48 percent with a total cash dividend value of Rp.6,158 billion. The remaining Rp.23,913 billion is set as other reserves.

The AGMS also approved changes in the composition of the company’s management. The change in the composition of the company’s management is based on the need to face challenges against SOEs in the future. The Company would like to express its gratitude and appreciation for the contribution of the company’s management who were replaced in maintaining SMBR’S financial and operational performance.

Changes in the Composition of the Company’s Management are as follows:

  1. Dede Parasade who previously served as Marketing Director was replaced by Mukhamad Saifudin.
  2. Harjanto who previously served as President Commissioner was replaced by Franky Sibarani.
  3. Dewi Yustisiana who previously served as an independent Commissioner was replaced by Endang Tirtana
  4. Dismissal of Kiki Rizki Yoctavian as Commissioner due to the end of her term/term of office.

Therefore, the composition of the new Management of the Company based on the resolution of the AGMS for Fiscal Year 2019:

President Commissioner                                 : Franky Sibarani

Commissioner                                                 : Oke Nurwan

Independent Commissioner                            : Darusman Mawardi

Independent Commissioner                            : Endang Tirtana

President Director                                           : Jobi Triananda Hasjim

Director of Production & Development         : Daconi

Finance Director                                            : M. Jamil

General Director & SDM                               : Amrullah

Marketing Director                                         : Mukhamad Saifudin

In addition to approving the amount of dividend distribution and changes in the composition of the company’s management, the AGMS also approved a report on the state and course of the company during the fiscal year 2019. In a report submitted by SMBR President Director Jobi Triananda Hasjim, the company reported relatively stable sales performance amid a decline in national cement demand throughout 2019. The Company managed to record sales volume of 2,119,772 tons almost the same as in 2018 amidst the condition of the cement industry which is still oversupply and slowing cement demand growth in South Sumatra (Sumbagsel)

“SMBR sales performance is still better than the total consumption (demand) of cement in Sumbagsel based on data from the Indonesian Cement Association (ICA) down to 9.3% throughout 2019 which became the main market of SMBR”  Jobi.added.

Supported by an effective marketing strategy, SMBR throughout 2019 was also able to increase the market share in Sumbagsel region by 2% to 35% from the previous year. With the largest market share contribution in South Sumatra reached 63% and Lampung 21%, followed by Jambi 15%, Bengkulu 10% and Bangka Belitung 4%.

SMBR also managed to record revenue throughout 2019 of Rp. 2.0 Trillion or grew 1% compared to revenue in 2018 of Rp. 1,996 Triliyun.

With various efficiency programs implemented, SMBR during 2019 managed to reduce COGS by 12% so that SMBR’S gross profit also increased 24% to Rp.875 billion from Rp.707 billion in 2019. SMBR also managed to maintain operating profit of Rp. 234 billion in 2019.

However, SMBR’s net profit in 2019 decreased to Rp. 30 billion due to increased financial expenses due to interest expense on baturaja II factory investment credit of Rp.100 billion and MTN loan interest of Rp.25 billion. SMBR’S current ratio and Debt to Equity Ratio (DER) are still at safe levels of 229% and 60%.

The AGMS also approved several other proposals on the agenda of the meeting including: Report on the Implementation of Supervisory Duties of the Board of Commissioners during Fiscal Year 2019 and Ratification of Financial Statements for Fiscal Year 2019. As well as granting full repayment and release of responsibility (volledig acquit et de charge) to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company for management and supervision actions that have been carried out during fiscal year 2019;

Ratification of the financial statements of partnership and community development programs in fiscal year 2019, including the provision of repayment and release of responsibility (acquit et de charge) to the Board of Directors and Board of Commissioners of the Company for the management and supervision of the Partnership and Community Development Program that has been implemented during Fiscal Year 2019;

Determination of tantiem for the company’s board of directors and board of commissioners for fiscal year 2019 and earnings of directors and board of commissioners for fiscal year 2020;

Appointment of a public accounting firm to audit the Company’s Financial Statements and Financial Statements of the Partnership and Community Development Program for fiscal year 2020.

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