PALEMBANG – The General & Human Resources Director of Semen Baturaja has become an interviewee during the National Leadership Training Level II Batch XIX 2020 that was held by the Human Resources Development Board of South Sumatra Province Region on Tuesday, 1 September, at Putri Kembang Dadar auditorium.

The training, under the theme of “Entrepreneurship Leadership Strategic Issue (Role Model)”, was being attended by 60 participants who consisted of Echelon II Officials and other Officials who have been readied to occupy the Echelon II rank within the Regency/City Government Area in South Sumatra, locals or not.

The training was organized in order to fulfill the Managerial Competence Standard that is mandatory for the First Leader Officials in Government.

Mr. Amrullah shared his knowledge and told many stories about leadership pattern and the dynamics that he had faced throughout his experience while working in Semen Baturaja and involved in several organizations.