The Director of Semen Baturaja (SMBR), Jobi Triananda Hasjim, recently met the Regent of Sarolangun, H Cek Endra, on Monday, (25/02) at the Sarolangun Regent’s Service House. Together with the Director of Production & Development, Daconi and General & HR Director, Amrullah along with staff.

“All the permits have been taken care of. Hopefully this plan can be realized as soon as possible. Because there are many benefits that can be felt by the presence of this factory in Sarolangun, “said H Cek Endra. In line with what was conveyed by Jobi, the Sarolangun Regency Government also gave full support to the acceleration of the SMBR investment plan. During the meeting, the Regent of Sarolangun, H Cek Endra said that even in an effort to accelerate the construction of the Sarolangun Plant, the local government was ready to assist in all forms of licensing needed. “This is a big investment, surely there are multiplier effects, not only Sarolangun Regency but Jambi Province,” explained Jobi. In addition to improving the economy of the community, the existence of the SMBR Factory will have an impact on increasing regional income by contributing taxes and levies. Coupled with an increase in employment and of course supporting the cement needs of government and private infrastructure projects.

Jobi also thanked the Sarolangun District Government, especially the Sarolangun Regent, who was always ready to help and fully support the strategic project, which in the future would have a broad impact on the community. “This is good news for us, Semen Baturaja, because with the issuance of the construction site permit, this plant greatly helped the progress of the acceleration of the construction of the plant in Sarolangun,” Jobi added. In addition, the meeting also discussed the development of plans for the construction of the SMBR factory in Sarolangun District, which is currently accelerating. The agenda of the meeting of the management of SMBR with the Regent of Sarolangun, in addition to build the relationship, was also the submission of the permit for the construction site of the SMBR plant and discussing the development of the investment plan of the SMBR in Sarolangun. This was the first time Jobi had met face to face with the Regent of Sarolangun, after he was appointed as the President Director of SMBR at the end of October last year. “At the same time I want to introduce myself and build the relationships with Mr. Regent” said Jobi. (Corsec SMBR)

Building SAFETY Culture in the work area is a continuous process, this certainly requires support from all lines in the management of the company starting from the board of directors to staff. A positive attitude in developing Occupational Safety and Health (K3) will have a good impact in reducing the level of accidents in the work area.

Therefore, all of the Board of Directors & Vice Presidents at Semen Baturaja on Wednesday & Thursday (30 January 31, 2019) have joined the Safety Leadership Program Workshop: Key Issue & Strategy with speakers from DuPont Indonesia, Mr. Animan Inoe & Mr. Yusuf Odang

Through this workshop Semen Baturaja Management discussed to determine key issues related to SAFETY and how the strategy for handling and establishing SAFETY culture, especially in the environment of Semen Baturaja.

In the next batch, the Safety Leadership Program Workshop will be attended by all employees at the Senior Manager Level. (Corsec SMBR)

Thursday (07/02) at the 1st Floor Meeting Room of the Head Office of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk & Palembang Factory, the “Leadership In Uncertain Era” Workshop was held with the CEO of General Electric Indonesia, Mr. Handry Santriago.

The event which was attended by all SMBR employees at the Headquarters & Palembang took place with great fanfare. Handry Santriago as a speaker shared a lot about his life journey to be able to achieve success until now. He also talked a lot about his experience in forming and fostering personnel in his work environment to always be productive in the midst of intense business competition today. He hopes that his experience while becoming CEO of General Electric Indonesia can be applied at Semen Baturaja.

Although the workshop took place quite briefly but there was a lot of knowledge gained by the participants, it seemed that the SMBR employees were very enthusiastic to ask questions and share their experiences at the workshop. (Corsec SMBR)

Tuesday (12/02) at the Parking Lot of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk, an Antique Boutique Bazaar was held. The event was organized by the South Sumatra Region IIP BUMN in collaboration with IIKSB (Ikatan Istri Karyawan Semen Baturaja). The event, which began in the morning, sells various types of clothing, basic necessities, accessories at affordable prices, especially for the ring I community around the Head Office & Palembang Factory. This activity is one of the work programs of the IIP BUMN Representative of the Province of South Sumatra which was initiated by IIKSB and also as a form of concern for residents around the Headquarter & Factory of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk.

The event began with a speech from the General Chairperson of the South Sumatra Region IIP BUMN namely Ms. Ratna Mulyono and IIKSB Trustees namely Mr. Dede Parasade who is also the Finance Director of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk and a representative of residents of Ring I by Kemang Agung Village Head, Kertapati, Mr. Ade. The Antique Boutique Bazaar program officially began with a symbolic cut of the ribbon by Mr. Dede Parasade with Mrs. Ratna Mulyono.

The program was lively and the residents of Ring I welcomed the event. From the morning, residents seemed to have packed the bazaar area and began to queue to exchange coupons that had been distributed by the CSR Team of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk. The coupons that have been distributed can be used to buy items sold in the Antique Boutique Bazaar. Each coupon can be exchanged for 3 different items. Prices offered start from 2000 rupiah to 100,000 rupiah.

IIP BUMN Representatives of South Sumatra Province and IIKSB have been a forum for friendship, socializing, exchanging ideas and realizing ideas. IIKSB & IIP BUMN has become a place for developing potential so that mothers can take advantage of free time to improve their knowledge and skills, both those whose activities are female and general. The benefits have been shared with both ourselves, family and the environment.

Although the Antique Boutique Bazaar was only held for 3 hours, approximately 1400 items were sold out. The proceeds from the sale of this Bazaar will be used for social activities by the South Sumatra Region IIP BUMN. So that residents who participate in buying goods at the Antique Boutique Bazaar are at once giving charity to those who need more . (Corsec SMBR)

Baturaja. Semen Baturaja’s Marketing, Sales & Logistics Team held a 2019 Marketing Directorate Meeting on Friday to Saturday, January 25-26 2018 at the Baturaja Factory Wisma Ganesha Hall. The theme of the 2019 Marketing Directorate’s Meeting is ONE TARGET ONE MISSION TO GLORY. The meeting was guided by the SMBR’s Marketing Director, M. Jamil,

In addition to discussing marketing targets in 2019, the meetings are also a venue for sharing and exchanging information between each division in the Marketing Directorate for the development of future marketing strategies.

On the second day, a workshop was also held and attended by Distributors, Sales Surveyors, Intelligent Application Marketing and Sales Distributors. The workshop was also held to introduce marketing partners Semen Baturaja in the cement production process by visiting the factory area. (Corsec SMBR)


Baturaja. On Friday (January 18 2019) to Saturday (January 19 2019), SMBR held a Workshop entitled “Strengthening Organization & Talent Development for Sustainable Business Growth – Appreciative Inquiry”. The workshop was held at Wisma Ganesha Baturaja Hall. The activities were attended by all Directors and 300 employees from various positions in Semen Baturaja.

The event was opened by the President Director of SMBR, Jobi Triananda Hasjim. The event which was guided by the Daya Dimensi Indonesia team, Jobi hopes that there will be new ideas and enthusiasm to work in 2019. In the future, all employees will be able to bring Semen Baturaja to success and change to be even better.

This event was held as the hopes of entire SMBR family for the next 20 years. It starts from building a culture and the appropriate organization’s performance management to accommodate the company’s vision that needed values ​​and business strategies as the priority. Of course the target and the strategy that will be taken will take into account it all.

Baturaja, Thursday (01/24) Semen Baturaja welcomed colleagues from PUSRI visiting the Baturaja I Plant. Factory Plant Visit from PUSRI was welcomed by VP Operation I SMBR, Kartha Kurniadi and staff.

This visit was the first step in the planned cooperation between Ministry of SEO, PUSRI, and SMBR in terms of resource utilization in order to provide added value for each company.

Previously, SMBR and PUSRI had collaborated in the utilization of fly ash and bottom ash which could be used as the third material in the cement production process. (Corsec SMBR)

BATURAJA, In order to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Association of Semen Baturaja Employees’ Wives (IIKSB), a series of activities have been held starting on Saturday (06/10) until Sunday (07/10) in Baturaja. The celebration of IIKSB’s Anniversary was filled with various competitions and sharing session attended by all IIKSB Trustees, Advisers, Managers & Members from various sites. Mr. Rahmad Pribadi as the President Director, and Mr. Daconi as the Director of Production and Development who also acted as the supervisor.

The competition that was held included tumpeng decorating, makeup and karaoke competition which was joined by all the members of the IIKSB. While at the sharing session, IIKSB also provided assistance to orphans and retired Semen Baturaja children who were handed over directly by the Advisor and Advisor to IIKSB.

Besides being filled with competitions and sharing session, this year’s IIKSB Anniversary was also celebrated with the release of sparrow birds and planting tree seeds in the Factory area as a form of the big family commitment of Semen Baturaja to realize the company’s vision to become the leading Green Cement Based Building Material Company in Indonesia. (Corsec SMBR)

SURABAYA, Around 108 State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs) and several regionally-Owned Enterprises (BUMD) in East Java participated in the Indonesia Business and Development Expo (IBD Expo) themed from Wednesday (03/10) to Saturday (06 / 10) at the Grand City Surabaya Convention Hall.

This is the third year of the Expo, which was initiated by the Ministry of SOE along with a state media cluster incorporated in the National Publishing and News Corporation (NPNC) carrying the theme of Unrelenting Building the Country. According to the Chief Executive of the 2018 IBD Expo, Achmad Fachrodji, this year was very special because it was held in Surabaya, East Java.

This year’s IBD Expo events is more festive with the number of participants and the variety of events being displayed. Overall, the event which was held in an area of 9,000 square meters was followed by 103 exhibitors, 33 visiting countries with 27 events. While for visitors, the exhibition which was presented three country targeted 70,000 visitor pavilions during the three days of its implementation, “continued Fachrodji.

Creative House of Semen Baturaja

Businessman will also get a new view through the CEO of BUMN Talks which will explain the BUMN strategy in describing government programs and innovation in facing global competition. In the session held on Wednesday, October 3, the Director of Inalum, Pertamina, Waskita Karya, and special staff of the minister of BUMN will share their strategies and views in presenting excellent products and services.

Signing of Cooperation Agreement with LKBN Antara

Semen Baturaja Board of Directors attended the opening of the IBD Expo 2018. At the IBD Expo 2018, in addition to displaying new cement products namely Type II & V OPC, Semen Baturaja also featured a new Vision and Culture Values and Products from Baturaja Creative House. At the same occasion, Semen Baturaja also signed a cooperation agreement with LKBN Antara in the field of Financial & Investment Data Service Providers which was signed directly by the President Director of Semen Baturaja, Rahmad Pribadi and Managing Director of LKBN Antara, Meidyatama Suryodiningrat and witnessed by the Deputy of Mining Business, Strategic & Media Industry, Dawn Harry Sampurno. (Corsec SMBR)



Baturaja – Townhall Meeting of the Directors of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk with Employee Candidates in 2018 was held on Wednesday, 26 September at the Wisma Ganesha PBR Hall. This townhall meeting event was attended by the Directors of SMBR, along with staff / VP & SM Level SMBR along with all Employee Candidates / 2018.

Townhall meetings is a sharing sessions between prospective employees and the Board of Directors of SMBR. On that occasion, prospective employees were given the opportunity to ask questions and suggestions, criticisms, and ideas to the Board of Directors of SMBR, as well as the Board of Directors of SMBR who also directly responded and conveyed directions and messages and motivation related to the company’s work plan in the year 2018. (Corsec SMBR)