PALEMBANG – Having previously collaborated with the South Sumatra Social Welfare CSR Forum to organize the Technical Training of Brick and Concrete Block Making on 12 December 2019, the CSR of Semen Baturaja has recently just donated brick & paving stone making machine and also cement mixer that were symbolically received by J. Rianthony Nata Kesuma, acting as the Head of South Sumatra Social Welfare CSR Forum.

Through both of these donated machineries, the Management team of Semen Baturaja wished that the participants of the training would be able to immediately practice the brick and concrete block production so as to further prepare them for jobs that require the specific skills and proficiency in corresponding field.

Semen Baturaja is also in full support of the government’s program that aims to raise the most excellent human resources in order to hasten the development of the country of Indonesia.

The committee procurement of Goods & Services PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk will held the auctions, for the company that are interested can be follow the auction with an explanation as follows:

To join this auction, please click on this eproc link.

Semen Baturaja has stated that they are prepared to supply 50.000 tons of white clay for the company of Pusri Palembang in 2020 through signing the buy and sell agreement letter of white clay on Tuesday, 21st January as a follow up procedure of the signing of Memorandum of Understanding of the synergy among State-owned Enterprises last year (2019).

The signing was dealt by the Main Director of both companies respectively; Jobi Triananda Hasjimdan of Semen Baturaja, and Mulyono Prawiro of Pusri.

The white clay that is ready to be supplied were mined and manufactured by SMBR after having gone through production process and quality control. Jobi believes that the collaboration could be beneficial for both companies, especially for Pusri since the short transportation distance between both companies would mean less transportation cost. 

BATURAJA – Semen Baturaja has just held 2020’s Town Hall Meeting and Seminar of Macro Economy on Wednesday, 15th Januray, at Wisma Ganesha hall of Baturaja Plant.

The meeting functions as a medium for the management team of SMBR to meet face-to-face with the employees of SMBR with the purpose of aspiration sharing and providing guidance to reach work targets in 2020.

The Town Hall Meeting also serves as a moment to further solidify the bonds among the management team, the employees, and the directors.

Every SMBR’s board of director and its employees are being encouraged to work together in empowering and developing the company of Semen Baturaja. One of the practices is through the strengthening of sales territory in south Sumatera and territory expansion.

The event was then continued with the Seminar of Macro Economy that was being led by Dr. Pieter Abdullah, S.E, MA., acting as the Head of Research of CORE Indonesia, as the speaker.

The subject of the seminar talk is correlated with the development of economy and cement business situation in Indonesia. An innovation related to digital ecosystem growth is imperative for SMBR in order to improve the company’s competitive quality against the other cement manufacturers.

BATURAJA – On Tuesday, 14th January, the Management of Semen Baturaja has arranged 2020’s business meeting. The meeting held on Baturaja’s plant was being attended by all Directors, the Vice President, and the Senior Manager. Business meeting is the company’s main agenda that is being held annually with the purpose of assessing work evaluation in 2019 while also organizing work programs and targets for 2020.

Jobi Triananda Hasjim, the Main Director of SMBR who formally opened the meeting, stated that the Management of SMBR needs to prepare themselves in 2020 with different approaches and strategies from previous years. The intention is so that SMBR has an advantageous or plus point in correspondence to the increasingly complex competition within the cement industry. He also has an optimistic view that SMBR can consistently become the market leader, particularly within the region of south Sumatera, while also able to expand its market territory.

Through their CSR Work Unit, Semen Baturaja has provided donations for victims of flash flood in east Kikim district, Lahat region, South Sumatera on Wednesday, 15th January. An amount of 602 housing units were submerged by the flood and another 32 units got washed away by the flood wave. 

Donations in the form of 250 boxes containing mineral waters and another 250 boxes of instant noodles were given by the CSR team of Semen Baturaja to the District Head of Kikim, Mr. Pebroni.

It is in the hope of Semen Baturaja’s Management team that the donations provided can help to ease the burden faced by the victims of the flooding.

BATURAJA – As of with the recent phenomenon of Cobra snakes sightings in nearby locals settlements, Semen Baturaja is collaborating with Team Snake Hunter Club to organize the Snake Removal Training and Measures Against Dangerous Animals. The training was being participated by the locals of OKU, which also includes the locals living around SMBR complex.

The event held in Wisma Ganesha hall on Monday, 13th January, was ceremoniously opened by the Regional Secretary of OKU, Mr. Achmad Tarmizi.

Ranging from subject matters concerning the identification of snake species as taught by Mr. Puput Pantoyo, the measures to get rid of snakes and also practical treatment of snake biting taught by Team Snake Hunter Club, Mr. Jogy Alpha Gumay (the Vice President of SHE) explained that this training was being held with the goal of ensuring the protection and wellness of SMBR management’s personnel from the danger of venomous snake bite and other dangerous animals.

The training held by SMBR was well received and highly appreciated by Mr. Achmad Tarmizi, representing the OKU regional government, due to how highly beneficial it is for the well being of the local citizens. He hoped that this kind of training could be arranged regularly to provide guidance for the locals on how to remove venomous snakes without killing it.