BATURAJA – As of with the recent phenomenon of Cobra snakes sightings in nearby locals settlements, Semen Baturaja is collaborating with Team Snake Hunter Club to organize the Snake Removal Training and Measures Against Dangerous Animals. The training was being participated by the locals of OKU, which also includes the locals living around SMBR complex.

The event held in Wisma Ganesha hall on Monday, 13th January, was ceremoniously opened by the Regional Secretary of OKU, Mr. Achmad Tarmizi.

Ranging from subject matters concerning the identification of snake species as taught by Mr. Puput Pantoyo, the measures to get rid of snakes and also practical treatment of snake biting taught by Team Snake Hunter Club, Mr. Jogy Alpha Gumay (the Vice President of SHE) explained that this training was being held with the goal of ensuring the protection and wellness of SMBR management’s personnel from the danger of venomous snake bite and other dangerous animals.

The training held by SMBR was well received and highly appreciated by Mr. Achmad Tarmizi, representing the OKU regional government, due to how highly beneficial it is for the well being of the local citizens. He hoped that this kind of training could be arranged regularly to provide guidance for the locals on how to remove venomous snakes without killing it.

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