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PALEMBANG – In an effort to break the chain of Covid-19 through the Vaccination Program of the National, PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMB) synergy with the State Police of the Republic of Indonesia (Police) Sumatera Selatan (Sumsel) held a “Keroyok Vaccination Covid-19”.

This event was held at the headquarters of Semen Baturaja in Kertapati, Palembang City, which previous lasts for 5 Days from December 15 – 17, 2021 and subsequent continued on 20 to 21 December 2021 and then extended until December 31 December 2021 due to the high interest of the community to get Vaccinated Covid-19.

As for the type of vaccine that is injected namely Pfizer, AstraZeneca and Sinovac. Target Vaccination this is the general community categories of the elderly, adolescents and children aged 12 years and above. Dose provided as many as 5000 doses of the vaccine. This activity also for Participants Second Vaccine.

Activities vaccine this was attended by Kapolda Sumsel Irjen. Pol. Drs. Toni Harmanto, M.H and Director of General affairs & Human Resources SMBR Amrullah. The implementation of vaccination is a Collaboration between the SMBR with Polda Sumsel, as form of concern for the Health of the community as well as support government programs in an effort to provide immunity and increase Herd Immunity (Immunity Group) to break the Transmission of Covid-19.

Kapolda Sumsel Irjen. Pol. Drs. Toni Harmanto appreciate the SMBR who have supported providing facilities and infrastructures in this activity. We say thank you to Semen Baturaja has been the success of the acceleration of Herd Immunity through Vaccination,” Said Toni, Saturday (21/12).

Previous SMBR has held a Vaccination Program for Employees and the Community Common in Baturaja and Was the result of Collaboration of the Department of Health, Police and Police local. This is a form of contribution SMBR as Owned Enterprises State (SOES) in helping the Community especially in the ring one.

“The company always support government programs in pprevention transmission of Covid -19 in Indonesia because it has become a task as State-Owned Enterprises. ” clear Amrullah.

On the same occasion, the SMBR also distributed food packages as much as 2000 package to the people who have been following get vaccination. This is a form of contribution SMBR as State-Owned Enterprises (SOES) in helping the surrounding Community particularly in ring one.

During the period of the pandemic Covid-19, SMBR has implemented various preventive measures the spread of Covid-19 such as applying the protocol of the health 5M, requires the measurement of the body temperature when entering the office and the Obligation of wearing the Application of Care to Protect in the corporate environment for both internal and external, and perform screening test through an SMBR Survey.{}

PALEMBANG – PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMBR) socialization derivative semen Baturaja Mortar which was held in two cities, namely Palembang, and Bandar Lampung. Socialization event Baturaja Mortar held in the City of Bandar Lampung on dated 23 July 2021 cooperate with the PT Matrix involving 22 participants and followed by socialization in the City of Palembang on December 9, 2021 cooperate with PT Arta Cipta Abadi involving 28 participants. Socialization working with 2 companies of the developer aims to introduce the 4 variants of product Baturaja Mortar and apply Baturaja Mortar on the construction of the house example.

In the event of socialization, the SMBR introduce 4 variants Baturaja Mortar i.e. Plaster, masonry & Plastering, Ceramic tile Adhesive, and a Pair of Light Brick and participants of socialization row directly try using a product Baturaja Mortar on the construction of the house example.

Baturaja Mortar is a cement ready to use (ready to use), the application is so thin that more efficient use of, and certainly of high quality. Semen Baturaja Kokoh dan Tahan Lamo to Your building material needs.{}

BATURAJA – in Order to accelerate the Vaccination Covid-19, PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMBR), together with Polda Sumsel and Polres OKU, Activities Keroyok Enterprising Vaccine to the 1 to the General public in the Territory of the District OKU. This event was held on Thursday (9/12) in the Hall of the Guesthouse Ganesha, Balfour.

This event was attended by the Chief of police OKU AKBP. Danu Agus Purnomo, S.I.K., and his staff and the Director of Production and Development SMBR Daconi.

Vaccination is carried out together this is one form of support Semen Baturaja for the success of the vaccination program to prevent the spread of Covid-19.{}

JAKARTA – In the Activities of the Green Industry Award 2021 held the Ministry of Industry, PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMBR) was awarded Green Industry Level 5 which is the highest Level in these activities. With this achievement, SMBR again able to retain and repeat the achievement of the same in previous years.

The event was held in the Building of the Ministry of Industry of Indonesia on Thursday (30/11) followed by 88 Companies. The award was given by the Minister of the Ministry of Industry, Agus Gumiwang Kartasasmita to the Director of Production and Development SMBR Daconi.

Based on the overall assessment of the SMBR was ranked 17 of the 88 Companies that have won this award and the acquisition of this ranking is a ranking of the best for the category of Cement Industry.

With the achievement of this award , SMBR will always strive to be consistent in the application of environmentally friendly technologies in every production process in accordance with the vision of the company to be Green Cement Based Building Materials Company, leading in Indonesia.{}