Let Us Create Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU) Clean and Beautiful to Towards Achievement Adipura Award (Baturaja, June 3rd, 2016)


BATURAJA, The idea of building a garbage bank in the City of Baturaja who had long dreamed of finally materialized after launching on Friday, June 3, 2016. The location of the garbage bank is behind the Main Market of Baturaja.

This launching marked by the signing of the inscription by Regent of OKU, Drs. H. Kuryana Azis, Director General and Human Resources PT Semen Baturaja (Persero), Tbk (PTSB), H. Romlan Kurniawan, SE and Prof. Dra. Hj. Isna Wijayani, M.Si as Trustees chairman of the Baturaja garbage bank.

Director General and Human Resources of PT Semen Semen Baturaja, H. Romlan Kurniawan, SE, said that PTSB strongly supported the idea of establishment of garbage bank at Baturaja City. That is why the company is determined to realize the establishment of Baturaja Garbage Bank.

PTSB initiative to be one of the coaches of Baturaja garbage bank and with the spirit of togetherness finally the Baturaja garbage bank materialized.

Regent of OKU, Mr. H. Kuryana Aziz, praised the real work that has been shown by the Environment Agency and PT Semen Baturaja (Persero), Tbk was very concerned with the environment. He said that, this is a new idea which was very nice and spacious and has multieffect in helping government.

Regent also said the idea is brilliant as exemplary by the younger generation and the other companies that are in the OKU District, in addition to finding solutions of waste management is also to create jobs and motivate the growth of new economic sectors.

Recycling bins can provide opportunities sustenance to scavengers and help the government to clean up the city. (Humas PTSB)