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PALEMBANG – The Company of Semen Baturaja has collaborated with the company of Huadian Bukit Asam Power (HBAP) in the utilization of Limestone, Gypsum, Fly Ash, and Bottom Ash. The signing of the Memorandum of Understanding was done by the Marketing Director of Semen Baturaja, Mukhamad Saifudin, and the Vice Director of Huadian Bukit Asam Power, Dody Arsadian, situated in the main branch office of Semen Baturaja Manufactory in Palembang on Tuesday, 16 March.

The signing of the memorandum between the State-owned Business Enterprise with the mutual company of China Huadian Hongkong Co Ltd (CHDHK) and Bukit Asam Tbk (PTBA) was done as one of the parties affiliated in the utilization of Gypsum, Fly Ash, and Bottom Ash as a potential product of the development of Mulut Tambang’s Steam-based Electricity Generator of South Sumatra-8 with the capacity of 2×600 MW in Muara Enim regency.

“This collaboration is a synergistic form of both companies to improve competitive quality that is crucially required in order to face the ever competitive industrial environment through the opportunity of creating new revenue stream or cost transformation. Semen Baturaja will make use of Fly Ash and Bottom Ash for cement production process generated by the South Sumatra-8 Steam Based Electricity Generator” as stated by Saifudin. The memorandum will last for two years starting from 2 March 2021 until 1 March 2023. During the partnership, Semen Baturaja will provide limestone to HBAP to be used as a necessary material for the Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) process.

“The company of Huadian Bukit Asam Power will also provide Gypsum required as a raw material for manufacturing process in Semen Baturaja. This cooperation is mutually beneficial for both parties, particularly in terms of maximizing the potential of both companies” he added.

Fly Ash and Bottom Ash can be properly processed during the production Portland cement naturally by improving its quality and durability. Ever since 2019, Semen Baturaja had already synergized with PUSRI in utilizing Fly Ash and Bottom Ash. Regarding the collaborative usage of Limestone, the company has stated that they will be ready to supply the Limestone demand of HBAP, citing that SMBR has the capability of producing Limestone qualifying the required standard of specification of HBAP’s processing operation.{}

LAMPUNG – The Faculty of Engineering of Lampung University (UNILA) has signed off Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the company of Semen Baturaja concerning collaborative research and development within the field of engineering in Lampung University on Thursday, 4 March. The Memorandum was signed by the Production and Development Director of Semen Baturaja, Daconi ST., MM., together with the Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Lamoung University, Prof. Drs. Ir. Suharno, Ph.D., IPU., ASEAN Eng. The event was also attended by the Vice Rector IV of Planning, Organizing, and Technology, Information, and Communication, Prof. Suharso, S.Si, Ph. D., Vice President of Research and Development of Semen Baturaja, M. Beni, along with the entire board of leaders of the University’s Engineering Faculty.

“This agreement is a form of synergy between Semen Baturaja and UNILA in working together to do research within cement industry in South Sumatra and its surrounding region” as stated by Daconi.

The research served as an evidence of Semen Baturaja’s commitment in improving the development of Human Resources. Amidst the current global competition, it is imperative to prepare and improve upon our Human Resources..

Daconi also taught public lecture about the introduction of cement industry and its development through zoom meeting webinar that was being participated by the students of UNILA and also other universities. The lessons presented consisted about the technology of cement manufacturing process, the role of engineering graduates within the cement industry, and various kinds of development for cement and its derivative products.

“Semen Baturaja is a local company situated in South Sumatra that will gladly provide support (for noble cause). Hopefully, through this collaboration, it will bring about positive benefits for both UNILA and Semen Baturaja”, Suharso added.

Semen Baturaja has attempted to mold and prepare competitive engineering graduates from UNILA and other universities in Lampung, doing collaborative researches and shaping a vision of expanding the cement industry of Indonesia towards global competition.{}

PALEMBANG – Within WISCA 2021, the company of Semen Baturaja has been deemed to qualify for one among the 21 companies that receive the award of level 3 (bronze) work safety culture. Both the assessment and awarding were done virtually on 22 January 2021 lead by one of WSO Indonesia’s Chairman, Soehatman Ramli.

The Main Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, took part in being awarded “CEO Concern Award” which was also given during the WISCA 2021 event.

The awarding was being attended by every company that practiced the work safety culture, has work safety culture program, and has implemented work safety culture measurement. The implementation of work safety culture within Semen Baturaja was not only being applied at the workplace, but also expanded further into off-the-job safety and home safety.

The important achievement will be continuously improved upon through implementing Work Safety System Management, with obvious support and direction from the Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi Triananda Hasjim (also acting as Main Director), the Production and Development Director, Daconi, General and Human Resource Department Director, Amrullah, Financial Director, M. Jamil, and Marketing Director, Mukhamad Saifudin.

The awarding also served as a token of appreciation upon the hard work of every employee and partner of the company for the Work Safety implementation in each sector of Semen Baturaja. Through this achievement and by continuously working in the earnest, we hope for the best for this company. Lastly, “Don’t Forget Safety Today”.{}

PALEMBANG – The Company of Semen Baturaja has settled their twelfth main and interest acquittal under the obligation of medium term notes (MTN) I amounting to 400 billion rupiah. The Financial Director of Semen Baturaja, M Jamil, noted that the payment has been completed on 23 February, 2021 with the recording date of 17 February 2021.

Previously during 16 February 2021, Semen Baturaja had acquired syndicate loan of 400 billion rupiah from Bank Mega, Bank Mega Syariah, and Bank Jawa Barat. This funding is what was being used to settle for the MTN I Semen Baturaja year 2018.

The payment of the debt security was settled earlier from its due date. Semen Baturaja had published the MTN on 2018 which amounts to 400 billion rupiah. Cooperating with Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI), also acting as the monitoring agent for the MTN publishing, Semen Baturaja had acquired a rather low annual interest of 9% for 3 years.

The performance of Semen Baturaja is regarded to be improving as with the development of the national economy. This is evidenced through their sales record of 1,93 Millions ton of cement and 34.000 ton of white clay during the entirety of 2020.

This January, Semen Baturaja has managed to achieve transactions record of 155.119 ton of cement, 2.265 ton of white clay, and 1,28 ton of mortar. Currently, the company is prepared to further develop its production and fulfill the cement demand in the market of South Sumatra and surrounding area.{}