PALEMBANG – Within WISCA 2021, the company of Semen Baturaja has been deemed to qualify for one among the 21 companies that receive the award of level 3 (bronze) work safety culture. Both the assessment and awarding were done virtually on 22 January 2021 lead by one of WSO Indonesia’s Chairman, Soehatman Ramli.

The Main Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, took part in being awarded “CEO Concern Award” which was also given during the WISCA 2021 event.

The awarding was being attended by every company that practiced the work safety culture, has work safety culture program, and has implemented work safety culture measurement. The implementation of work safety culture within Semen Baturaja was not only being applied at the workplace, but also expanded further into off-the-job safety and home safety.

The important achievement will be continuously improved upon through implementing Work Safety System Management, with obvious support and direction from the Director of Semen Baturaja, Jobi Triananda Hasjim (also acting as Main Director), the Production and Development Director, Daconi, General and Human Resource Department Director, Amrullah, Financial Director, M. Jamil, and Marketing Director, Mukhamad Saifudin.

The awarding also served as a token of appreciation upon the hard work of every employee and partner of the company for the Work Safety implementation in each sector of Semen Baturaja. Through this achievement and by continuously working in the earnest, we hope for the best for this company. Lastly, “Don’t Forget Safety Today”.{}

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