BATURAJA – In connection with the implementation of the V-RAKER SKSB as well as the Inauguration of the SKSB Central Management for the 2020-2023 Period on Thursday, January 28, 2021 at the Baturaja site offline (offline) and virtual (online) at the Palembang and Panjang sites, the SKSB administrators who has just been legally held and performs its duties which are divided into 5 divisions.

The RAKER V 2021 was attended by the Production Director, Daconi, S.T., M.M. as well as being opened directly by the Director of General Affairs & HR SMBR, Amrullah, S.H, M.M. The theme carried is: “With the Spirit of Togetherness Establishing Effective, Solid, and Professional Industrial Relations for the Advancement of Semen Baturaja and Employee Welfare”.

The RAKER V 2021 SKSB activity was also attended virtually by the Chairperson of the National Leadership Council of the Indonesian Cement Industry Workers Union (DPN FSP ISI), Kiki Warlansyah along with all workers unions who are members of the ISI FSP.

In the opening, the Mars Union of Semen Baturaja Employees was launched, which became a symbol of enthusiasm for SKSB administrators to continue the struggle for the welfare of members and the SMBR.

In addition, pins were pinned as an official sign of the inauguration of the SKSB Central Management for the 2020-2023 Period, as well as the provision of lifetime achievements to former SKSB General Chairmen, including: Safaruddin, M.M. (2008-2011); Dedi Marzoni, S.E. (2011-2014); Muhammad Yunus, S.E., M.M. (2014-2017); and Deddy (2017-2020).

The event continued with the presentation of material “Semen Baturaja Talent Development Program” which was delivered by the Director General & HR, Amrullah, S.H, M.M. as well as the delivery of material on good organizational methods from the Vice President for the Production Division, Eko David Irawan, A.Md. to all Raker participants.

All activities are running well and successfully both offline and virtual, in this RAKER KE-V 2021 there has also been a presentation of the Work Program that was previously prepared and agreed upon by each Division of the Semen Baturaja Employees Union, which the program is expected to be realized as long as The term of office of the Head and SKSB Center Management for the 2020-2023 period lasts. {}