PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja won an award at the Iconomics CSR Award 2020 with the title “Covid-19 Emergency Response Initiative – Medical Health Support” This event was held virtually on Friday (04/12). Iconomics gives Appreciation to companies that have carried out their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

The award was received symbolically by Harrie Cahyanto as Senior Manager of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) virtually. The event was opened by Bram S Putro as Founder & CEO of Iconomics.

Bram S Putro said that his party gave awards to the best companies in Indonesia that carried out CSR activities that were right on target for people affected by the Covid -19 Pandemic in accordance with the Company’s CSR strategy.

The assessment conducted by Iconomics is based on research conducted since January 2020 through Corporate CSR Activities, media monitoring, and a voluntary approach to corporate social responsibility.

With the receipt of this award, as a form of proof of the contribution and responsibility of Semen Baturaja to help the community and the surrounding environment through the Company’s CSR activities. {}

BATURAJA – PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk established the Indonesia Cement Research Institute (ICRI) together with Semen Indonesia Group (SIG) on Thursday (26/11) virtually.

The synergy between BUMNs through the formation of ICRI between Semen Baturaja and SIG was formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Research Collaboration in the Cement Sector.

This virtual event was attended by the Director of Production & Development at SMBR Daconi, Director of Engineering & Projects at SIG Tri Abdisatrijo, Director of Human Resources & Legal SIG Tina T Kemala Intan and SIG Production Director Benny Wendry.

The Indonesia Cement Research Institute (ICRI) was formed as a long-term investment in the business world. This research need is expected to provide a broad contribution impact.

The formation of ICRI is also a form of the company’s strategy in accordance with the 5 (five) priorities of the Ministry of BUMN and the 2020-2024 SMBR strategic initiative.

“Starting today, Semen Baturaja and SIG will go hand in hand in strategic research activities to create innovative, high-tech and environmentally friendly products, as well as to improve operational efficiency and cost leadership of the Cement Cluster.” Said Daconi

The results that will be achieved through ICRI are expected to bring the Cement cluster in Indonesia to be able to create new innovations and technologies as well as to improve operating efficiency and cost leadership of the cluster which will assist the company in achieving its target.

Quarter III SMBR performance (July – September) has shown positive results with the achievement of a net profit of Rp. 25 billion. It is hoped that with a positive start to the market and with the implementation of the efficiency program, it is hoped that the 2020 performance will also record positive results. With the synergy carried out with GIS, it is hoped that it will be able to spur the company’s performance going forward.

“Hopefully in the future, ICRI will become the best cement and building material research center in Indonesia. Of course, this is inseparable from the support and cooperation of all parties so that the goal of this synergy is achieved, ”he concluded.

Through ICRI today, SIG and Semen Baturaja will go hand in hand in strategic research activities to create innovative, high-tech and environmentally friendly products. Hopefully this synergy can run well and make a big contribution to national development. {}

BATURAJA – After the direct election process for the Chairperson of the Semen Baturaja Employees Union (SKSB) for the 2020-2023 period on August 31, 2020, which was simultaneously held at all PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMBR) sites and M Ariansyah was elected as Chair of the 2020 SKSB until 2023.

With the election of the new SKSB Chair, on 12 November 2020 the IV MUBES activities were carried out virtually at all PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk sites. This activity was opened directly by the Director General & HR of SMBR Amrullah with the core agenda, namely the LPJ for the SKSB central management for the 2017 to 2020 period and the Handover of Position from the Chairperson of SKSB 2017 to 2020 Deddy to the Chairman of SKSB 2020 to 2023 M Ariansyah.

In the agenda of handing over the position of chairman of the SKSB for the period 2020-2023, the President Director of SMBR Jobi Triananda Hasjim gave a speech as well as giving the highest appreciation to SKSB which remains consistent in carrying out organizational activities despite all its limitations amid the current Covid-19 pandemic conditions while still implementing the protocol health well.

The SMBR management hopes for SKSB to work together and strive together for the progress of the company, whose challenges in the future will certainly be heavier, of course by encouraging the young talents of SMBR in SKSB to play a more active role and contribute positively in achieving the company’s goals and targets in the future. .

In this MUBES and SKSB handover activity, the Chairman of the National Leadership Council of the Indonesian Cement Industry Workers Union (DPN FSP ISI) Kiki Warlansyah, in this case was represented by the Secretary General of the National Leadership Council of the Indonesian Cement Industry Workers Union (DPN FSP ISI) Tedy Ramadinus and several chairmen of the Indonesian Cement Industry Union who are members of the ISI FSP (Chairman of SP Semen Padang Bung Wien Bernandino), (Chairman of SP Semen Tonasa Bung Ayik), (Chairman of SP ITP Citerup Bung Ribut), (Chairman of SP ITP Cirebon Bung Dion ), (Chairman of SP ITP Tarjun Bung Winarno) who all expressed their appreciation for their support. Hopefully the Union can always work together and be active in DPN FSP ISI and congratulations on holding MUBES IV and Handover of the elected SKSB Chair. {}

PALEMBANG – Related within the SMBR’s 46th Anniversary Celebratory events, Semen Baturaja also held gathering party that is unlike the last year; this time, it is implemented virtually on Monday (16/11) to act as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19.

The party was participated by the Board of Commissaries, Directors, the entirety of Semen Baturaja workers, Heads of Holding Companies under Baturaja’s Multicompanies and Daya Insani (Human Empowerment), and Semen Baturaja’s Employees’ Housewife Association.

Though there weren’t much festivity around, SMBR still managed a creativity contests for its employees, such as the 46th Anniversary Logo making contest and Short Movie contest. These contests were arranged to kindle celebratory spirit and also to push creativity and productivity of the workers during the pandemic.{}

PALEMBANG – Among the series of the SMBR annual Anniversary Celebratory events, one of them is the Service and Miletone Awarding.

This year, the awarding was done virtually on Monday (16/11) at the head office of Semen Baturaja in Palembang City in accordance to the regulated Health Protocol.

The award was given to 5 employees of SMBR from three different plant locations: Palembang, Baturaja, Lampung. The awards were symbolically presented by the Board of Directors of SMBR.

Employees of SMBR whose years of service have reached 10, 30, and 35 years were the ones qualified to receive the award.

The awarding serves as a token of appreciation by the management of SMBR towards employees for the dedication that they have shown throughout the years of working as a member of the big family of SMBR.{}

PALEMBANG – The General & Human Resources Director of Semen Baturaja, Amrullah, had acted as the main speaker of Public Relation Web Conference with the theme of “Be Creative and Develop Your Skill to Get Your Dream Job”.

The event was organized by the Assembly of Faculty of Social Science and Political Science of Sriwijaya University using Zoom meeting to facilitate the conference on Saturday (17/10).

The Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Social and Political Science of Sriwijaya University, Dr. Andi Alfatih M.Pa, officially opened the conference and is followed by hundreds of students.

During this occasion, the Vice Dean provided lectures about the work demands faced by workers within the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

During the closing of the conference, the Vice Dean encouraged the students to not be afraid in facing the industrial revolution 4.0, to always remain optimistic, and to never stop learning new things especially in a time where competition has become increasingly intense in order to ensure success in future.

BATURAJA – As an effort in to promote the use of face mask to prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus, and to also rouse workplace creativity, Semen Baturaja held a Face Mask Design Contest that was being participated by its employees.

The contest was organized by the Security, Safety Health & Environment Division of Semen Baturaja. Each design was assessed by the Directive Boards of Semen Baturaja in which the scoring criteria are based on its Originality, Artistic Design, and Congruity with the Coivd-19 theme.

Let’s fight Covid-19 by wearing mask and abiding the Health Protocol!

LAMPUNG – The Director of Production and Development of Semen Baturaja, Darconi, has acted as the main speaker in a public lecture with the theme of “Introducing Cement Industry and its Development”. The event was organized by the Faculty of Industrial Engineering of Sumatra Institute of Technology through Zoom meeting on Wednesday (30/09).

Vice President Production, Eko David Irawan, Vice President Maintenance, Adi Oktaviandi, Vice President Mining, Hendri Irawan M, and Vice President of Research & Development, M Beni, were present to accompany the Director during the event.

The Head of Research Institute, Community Services, and Educational Quality Assurance, Itera Ratna Widyawati, officially opened the Public Lecture. Participants of the lecture consisted of not only students of Industrial Engineering, but also students from various different majors in the institute.

The Director presented a lecture about Semen Baturaja’s company profile, such as the production process of cement and its other products. He also revealed some information concerning the skills needed by the cement industry workers at the present.  

At the closing of the Public Lecture, the Director gave a message to the students stating about the importance of proper attitude and knowledge as the key of success for their future.

JAKARTA – As an anticipatory measure to minimize loss potential risk, the company of Semen Baturaja is strengthening its relationship with the Insurance Company of Jasindo in order to protect its business assets from the risk of fire, earthquake, and possible larceny.

The collaborative agreement was signed directly by the Main Director of SMBR, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, and Acting Main Director of Asuransi Jasindo, Didit Mehta Pariadi.

The signing was held on the Golf Course of Bukit Pelangi in Bogor on Saturday (26/09). Notably, Semen Baturaja had had previously cooperated with Asuransi Jasindo.{}

PALEMBANG – The Director of Production and Development of Semen Baturaja, Daconi, has been given opportunity to become the main speaker of an Industrial Talk with the theme of “Introducing Cement Industry along with its Development” that was organized by the Faculty of Engineering of Sriwijaya University through virtual Zoom meeting.

The Director was accompanied by the Vice President Operation I, Eko David Irawan, VP Operation II, Adi Oktaviandi, Vice President Mining, Hendri Irawan M, and Vice President of Research & Development, M Beni, along with the entire boards of SMBR.

The Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Sriwijaya University, Subriyer Nasyi, officially opened the Industrial Talk followed by hundreds of students from numerous majors in the same faculty.

The Director had the opportunity to give lecture about the brief introduction of Semen Baturaja and its products, while also providing insight to the students concerning the various working skills that are on demand within the cement industry as of the moment.

At the end of the Industrial Talk, the Director was encouraging the participating students to always be diligent in fulfilling their duty. He further emphasized that said diligence will be the key to success in their future.{}