PALEMBANG – The Director of Production and Development of Semen Baturaja, Daconi, has been given opportunity to become the main speaker of an Industrial Talk with the theme of “Introducing Cement Industry along with its Development” that was organized by the Faculty of Engineering of Sriwijaya University through virtual Zoom meeting.

The Director was accompanied by the Vice President Operation I, Eko David Irawan, VP Operation II, Adi Oktaviandi, Vice President Mining, Hendri Irawan M, and Vice President of Research & Development, M Beni, along with the entire boards of SMBR.

The Dean of Faculty of Engineering of Sriwijaya University, Subriyer Nasyi, officially opened the Industrial Talk followed by hundreds of students from numerous majors in the same faculty.

The Director had the opportunity to give lecture about the brief introduction of Semen Baturaja and its products, while also providing insight to the students concerning the various working skills that are on demand within the cement industry as of the moment.

At the end of the Industrial Talk, the Director was encouraging the participating students to always be diligent in fulfilling their duty. He further emphasized that said diligence will be the key to success in their future.{}

PALEMBANG – The General & Human Resources Director of Semen Baturaja has become an interviewee during the National Leadership Training Level II Batch XIX 2020 that was held by the Human Resources Development Board of South Sumatra Province Region on Tuesday, 1 September, at Putri Kembang Dadar auditorium.

The training, under the theme of “Entrepreneurship Leadership Strategic Issue (Role Model)”, was being attended by 60 participants who consisted of Echelon II Officials and other Officials who have been readied to occupy the Echelon II rank within the Regency/City Government Area in South Sumatra, locals or not.

The training was organized in order to fulfill the Managerial Competence Standard that is mandatory for the First Leader Officials in Government.

Mr. Amrullah shared his knowledge and told many stories about leadership pattern and the dynamics that he had faced throughout his experience while working in Semen Baturaja and involved in several organizations.

PALEMBANG – The General & Human Resources Director of Semen Baturaja, Amrullah has become one of the panelists during the Housing Talkshow that celebrates the National Housing Day 2020 that was held on Friday, 28 August, at Arya Duta Palembang hotel.

The talkshow, which has adopted the theme “Realizing First House for Low-income Households & National Housing Reformation”, has discussed about government’s attempt to provide subsidized house with affordable price, sufficient quality, and worth inhabiting for low-income households with the help of the Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic of Indonesia.

The talkshow invited the Head of Housing and Settlement Area Official of South Sumatra, Basyarudin Akhmad and the Director of Housing Funding Coordinator of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic of Indonesia, Adang Sutara as keynote speaker together with several other panelists, of which are the Head of BP2BTJ Housing Program Facilitator Team, Rianthony Nata Kusuma, Director of the company of Nusantara Bangun Rumah, Hartama B.I Barus, as well as the representatives from Mandiri Bank and BTN Bank.

The talkshow had also announced the winners of the House Designing Contest and Photography Contest that were held by the Housing and Settlement Area Official of South Sumatra.

The Strategy was Informed to Public Expose Live 2020 that was Held by IDX in Collaboration with OJK, KPEI, & KSEI

The Management Team Keeps on Pushing for the Sales of Mortar and Developing White Clay-producing Facility

JAKARTA – Semen Baturaja has become the first Open Company in Public Expose Live 2020 that was held by Indonesia Stock Exchange on Monday, 24 August, through interactive internet-based Zoom Meeting application.

Presentations regarding the company’s achievement during the entirety of Semester I/2020 and future planning in Semester II/2020 were being directly delivered by the Main Director, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, accompanied by Financial Director, M. Jamil and Vice President Corporate Secretary, Basthony Santri.

With the drop in demand for national cement products during the entire Semester I/2020, the company of Semen Baturaja (SMBR) as one of the State-owned Business Enterprises within cement industry has already prepared several strategic measures to reach target in Semester II/2020.

A glance at SMBR’s achievement in Semester I/2020 has shown a less than desirable result. The Main Director Jobi Triananda Hasjim has stated that the company will focus to improve the sales performance in order to reach target in Semester II/2020.

One of the strategic measures prepared by SMBR is to improve the sales of its newest product variations, such as Mortar and White Clay.

“This Semester II/2020, our Mortar, under the brand Baturaja Mortar, will be released and sold in mass production after several previous months of market trial in Bandar Lampung region” Jobi said.

Baturaja Mortar features 5 (five) variants, which are: Acian Mortar, Pairs of Lightweight Concretes, Ceramic Adhesive, Pairs of Concrete and Plastering, and White Acian. SMBR has prepared two production units with the capacity of 1,5 and 6 tons per days which are located in Panjang Plant in Lampung to supply Mortar.

Other than that, in order to support the sales of White Clay product which contributes largely to SMBR’s performance, the company has also been developing White Clay production facility to help achieve the 50.000 ton target in accordance with the sales contract that SMBR has signed with the company of Pusri, a subsidiary of Indonesia’s Fertilizer Manufactory.

Through Semester I/2020, the realization of White Clay sales have reached 15.282 ton or 7% higher from the initial target within said period.

“Our company is confident that the sales target of White Clay in 2020 will be reached over time as its production facility become more accessible” Jobi added.

Through its subsidiary company, Baturaja Multi Usaha (BMU), Semen Baturaja has also expanded into the business of Lightweight Concrete while also preparing other derivative products, such as Fiber Cement Board (FCB) and Porous Concrete that are still undergoing testing phase.

Other than developing its product variants, SMBR is also focused on improving the sales of cement particularly on its home base in South Sumatra. SMBR has also readies some anticipative measures to reach target in Semester II/2020 such as market expansion outside of South Sumatra. The prime shipping of cement products to Pontianak, West Kalimantan amounting of 2.250 ton as per July 2020 has become the entry point of the company to enter the market inside Kalimantan. Further, SMBR has actually also been preparing to expand its market into the province of Riau in the near future.

The management team of SMBR has also been taking measures of raw materials and energy efficiency, strengthening cash flow through doing investment credit repackaging, and postponing several capital expenditure budgets to improve the company’s performance in 2020.

Throughout Semester I/2020, SMBR has recorded its cement sales volume to be 746.612 ton, or reaching 84% in comparison with last year’s same period. The achievement of this sales volume is considered to be well enough if taking into account the impact of Covid-19 pandemic that has caused the significant decline of cement demand within the entire region under the company’s sales territory.

The management team has also become more confident that SMBR’s performance in Semester II/2020 can be improved in conjunction with the release of National Economic Recovery program by the government which is hoped to be able to help push the growth of property sector, who is a main attractor of cement industry.

PALEMBANG – The Company of Semen Baturaja (SMBR), through the State-owned Business Enterprises’ Creative Workshop of Baturaja, is pushing for proprietors of small and medium businesses during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic in order to help revive their productivity.

Small and Medium-sized enterprises has an important role within Indonesia’s economic cycle. During the middle of pandemic, a lot of business owners’ struggled as their revenue got affected negatively.

“We (Semen Baturaja) are doing our best to stimulate the Small and Medium-sized Enterprises and also rekindling their spirit to help improve the economy”, as stated by the Vice President Corporate Secretary of SMBR, Basthony Santri.

Since 1991, SMBR has had committed to distribute partnership fund that could be used to fund many business proprietors. Until recently, there are already more than 2000 listed small and medium enterprises which have become the company’s development partners.

Semen Baturaja not only merely helps funding business; the company also routinely organized various management, creativity, and promotional training programs while actively socializing about how small and medium businesses should be capable of self-adjusting and become more responsive in looking up business opportunities during the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Through the Baturaja Creative Workshop, we are helping business owners to learn on how to make face masks; a commodity that is urgently demanded by society as of right now”, he added.

SMBR has also involved its development partners to produce non-medical cloth face masks which are donated to several Covid-19 Task Forces in their respective region, such as: Palembang city, Baturaja city, and the province of South Sumatra.

Other than that, other form of support that the company has provided to small and medium business owners is the organizing of various training programs through video conference in accordance to the Covid-19 standard health protocol. The training subject that was being taught is also appropriately fitting with the current situation, such as “Branding Amidst the Pandemic”, “Content Marketing Strategy”, “Copy Writing”, and “Financial Digital Reporting”.

SMBR through its Creative Workshop has also collaborated with the Indonesia’s Gapura Digital Google Team in holding a Focus Group Discussion (FGD) class for small and medium business owners that are listed as the company’s development partners. The class was held to help small and medium business owners in reporting any possible hindrances they encountered during the middle of Covid-19 pandemic while also providing ideas and advices to resolve problems faced by their fellow business companions with the help of a facilitator.

During this year (2020), SMBR also worked with the OKU GO Indonesia as one of its development partners in marketing its business products. OKU GO Indonesia is an application created by the young generations of South Sumatra that provides local bike transportation and food and beverage delivery service online. Due to Covid-19 pandemic that demands people to maintain Physical Distancing, the products of small and medium businesses that are also the development partners of Baturaja’s Creative House have been made easier to market and extend its sales territory.

Many efforts have been comprehensively done by SMBR in terms of funding, production, and product marketing to help push small and medium businesses’ productivity in order to guarantee the program’s success. “Our hope within this program is to resurrect the small and medium businesses and the economy of Indonesia” he noted lastly.

PALEMBANG – In preparation of the upcoming New Normal phase, Semen Baturaja held Covid-19 rapid test for all of its employees. The rapid test for Palembang site, the Representative Office of Jakarta, and Jambi was conducted on 9-10 June 2020 then. The test was continued on Site Baturaja on 16-17 June 2020 and Site Lampung on 19 June 2020. Semen Baturaja has collaborated with Pertamina Medika Hospital or State-Owned Business Enterprises Hospitals in each region to carry out the rapid test. The rapid test was performed in order to anticipate the potential risk and infection of Covid-19 within SMBR environment area, especially considering that in the near future the Central Government, through the Ministry of State-Owned Business Enterprises, has requested for each state-owned company to prepare themselves for the New Normal phase so that their company’s operational processes will be able to work like usual. Semen Baturaja, too, has further tighten its health protocol on its company’s activity in order to protect its employees, customers, distributors, business partners, and stakeholders in entering the novel New Normal phase.

PALEMBANG – The Company of Semen Baturaja (SMBR) has recently started prime shipping its cement products to Pontianak. The product was transported from Boom Baru port on Palembang, to Pontianak on Wednesday, 10 June 2020. The Director of SMBR Marketing, Dede Pasarade, explained that the delivering of the product to Pontianak is a continuity from the market trial that has been done since 2019 then. A total of 750 tons of cement was transported in the prime shipping. Dede also explained that during this month of July, there will be two shipping with a capacity total of 2750 ton. “Should the prime shipping went well, SMBR is ready for a long-term contract with local distributor,” he said.

The primes shipping was done by collaborating with the Tanjung Priok harbor officials, which is a subsidiary company of Pelindo II, whose role is a loading and unloading services company that is appointed by SMBR for its handling service. Dede mentioned that SMBR’s expansion into the cement market in Pontianak was one of the company’s strategic steps to improve the utilization of their existing plants. Furthermore, he added, the company perceived that the cement market in Kalimantan (Pontianak in particular) to be still very prospective for development, regardless of the national cement industry oversupply. “We are confident that our company will be able to attain 5% of the market’s segment in Pontianak for the entirety of 2020”, he said.

Dede further explained that other than the focus on cement sales in South Sumatra market, SMBR will also continue to try expanding its market in the future despite the oversupply condition of the national cement industry and the negative inclination of its growth due to the impact of Covid-19 pandemic. “With the addition of SMBR cement product in Pontianak, we wanted to prove that SMBR is capable of expanding its territory outside of Sumatra,” he said again. Other than Pontianak, SMBR has also prepared several new potential market places outside of Sumatra that are ready to be worked on to reach the company’s target in 2020. “Even right now, we are already looking into possibility in cement exporting and clinker bricks,” he lastly added.

BATURAJA – In the effort to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, Semen Baturaja, through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program, has conducted disinfectant spraying for districts and villages situated near Ring I of Baturaja Plant. The CSR program is an act of consideration by SMBR in supporting the government’s attempt to manage the infection of Covid-19 pandemic, especially in the OKU region. The spraying was done on 8 points that include 2 villages and 6 districts, they are: Laya and Pusar village, and the districts of Suka Jadi, Batu Kuning, Saung Naga, Tanjung Agung, Air Gading, and Talang Jawa. The disinfectant spraying has been conducted since 28 May until 3 June 2020 in several public facilities such as: official residences, police department offices, religious institutions, and public schools.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has organized Halal bi-Halal and Town Hall Meeting in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic. The company event that has become an annual tradition was being held differently this time; it was now done virtually through Video Conference on Tuesday, 4 June, with all Board Directors and employees of SMBR attending (or rather, online) on the conference. The theme for this year’s event is “Stayin-touch even in the middle of pandemic”. The theme was decided accordingly with the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic, where everyone is encouraged to still maintain relationships with each other using the many communication media, such as chat or video call.

The event was opened with official greetings from all Directors and is continued by testimonies from employees’ representatives who shared their experiences when celebrating Eid al-Fitr in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic. The event also featured Town Hall Meeting where participants of the video call discuss about the preparation in adapting to the New Normal. In Semen Baturaja’s case, the company had already prepared several healths Protocol that conforms to Covid-19 standard by forming the Task Force Team of SMBR. Other than that, Semen Baturaja had also even readied Covid Ranger of SMBR who will serve as an agent in socializing about the health protocol for the entirety of Semen Baturaja workers.

Dr. Tuhfa Mahdiah of Siloam In House Clinic has also been provided an opportunity to give lecture about Covid-19 and the enactment of the New Normal from the perspective of a medical worker. Even though the event was done virtually, the purpose of the event, which is to strengthen the bonds between workers, was still able to be realized.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja (SMBR) has donated several medical equipment supplies to Task Force of Rapid Handling of Covid-19 in Palembang city on Wednesday, 13 May, as one of the company’s vigilant policies in compliance to the decreed Letter of Large Scale Social Distancing enactment by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Report by the Task Force concerning the increase in positive Covid-19 infection case, where a total of 441 patients are listed, in South Sumatra as per 14 May 2020 has further solidified the enactment. “With the increasing number of infection case, the frontier of the medical force needs to be emboldened,” as Fuad Azizi, the Senior Manager Corporate Social Responsibility representing SMBR Management team, stated when he distributed the supplies to the Regional Secretary of Palembang city, Ratu Dewa, in the official residence of the mayor of Palembang.

The medical supplies given consisted of 1250 pieces of medical mask, 50 pieces of protective equipments, 5000 pieces of handscoons, 50 pieces of goggle glasses, 50 liter of hand sanitizers, and 2000 pieces of cloth face mask. Other than that, during the same occasion, SMBR has also donated 438 packages of food supplies. “We also handed out free food supplies for members of the Task Force. Hopefully it helps them all,” Fuad added. Previously, SMBR, who has been appointed as the coordinator for the Task Force of Covid-19 Disaster Handling in the region of Ogan, Komering, and Ulu (OKU), had also already provided medical equipments to said Task Force.