BATURAJA – Coinciding with the May Day, or National Labor Day, Semen Baturaja Worker’s Union had conducted a social activity as form of solidarity between fellow workers. On Wednesday, 6 April, the Union had donated 300 pieces of face masks and provided takjil (sweet treats during Ramadhan) for officers working on Covid-19 Posts in OKU Region, Pasar Atas post, Batu Kuning post, and Lubuk Batang post. Hopefully, through this show of consideration, it could lift up the spirits of all officers (military soldiers, polices, disaster management boards, municipal polices, and medics) who are working hard to ensure the safety and well being of citizens from the threat of Covid-19. We all should also contribute to their cause by maintaining our health, wear face mask, and diligently wash our hands to prevent Covid-19 infection. Lastly, it is better to keep staying at home unless there’s emergency.

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