PALEMBANG – As of today, on 1 May, the company of Semen Baturaja has officially opened its e-commerce platform in tokopedia for easier access in cement purchasing transactions.

It is undeniable fact that society’s consumption lifestyle has shifted from conventional transaction into online purchasing. The apparent convenience from ordering online using mobile phone has allowed people to sit at ease while waiting for their bought item to arrive in their place.

The advancement of technology has encouraged society to make use of online shopping. Henceforth, Semen Baturaja has decided to open its own e-commerce official store in Tokopedia to provide easier access for general public in purchasing their products.

“We are making it convenient for consumers when shopping for Semen Baturaja’s products. One needs to only order through e-commerce and we will send cement to their place. We even give free of charge the cost of cement delivery and unloading”, said the Marketing Vice President, Tarida Tambunan.

Right now, Semen Baturaja is focused on the sales of Zak Portland Composite Cement (PCC) 50 kg which is a recommended product for necessities in building construction in general. PCC has the advantage of having lower heat hydration; making it easier to use for working while also capable of producing a denser and refined concrete surface and plaster. PCC cement also possesses a firm adhesion, compressive strength, and is waterproof.

Semen Baturaja has started its digital approach ever since it implemented advanced Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) with a base of System Application and Product in Data Processing (SAP) previously on 2019. The system has been utilized by many renowned companies and Semen Baturaja followed suit in facing industrial revolution 4.0. Other than that, Semen Baturaja has also been preparing Bangun Sumatra application. This marketplace application sells construction materials with various features included in it, and it is being prepared to provide easier purchasing for consumers. The application is hoped to be launched and accessible for general public this year.

“We hope that by September 2021, the Bangun Sumatra application will have been ready to launch. This application will considerably help construction work processes and make it easier for people who wished to renovate or build their home by contacting us through smartphone” he added.

The challenge of Industrial Revolution 4.0 is spurring Semen Baturaja to brace itself in facing the growth of technology that has blurred the line between the physical, digital, and biological. Billions of people are connected through cellular tool possessing faster and indefinite processing power. Semen Baturaja is ready to expand the technological innovation that is capable of raising revenue amidst the industrial challenge and remains optimistic of being able to make a positive performance record in 2021.{}

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