JAKARTA – Semen Baturaja has again claimed the Zero Accident award during K3 2021 Award during Work Safety Program Implemntation (Pelaksanaan Program Keselamatan Kerja in Indonesian, or K3) that was organized by the Minisrty of Labor of Republic of Indonesia.

The event was held both online and offline in Bidakara Hotel, Jakarta on Wednesday, 28 April. The awarding was received virtually by the Vice President of Safety, Security, Health, & Environment (VP SSHE), Jogy Alpha Mediarta Gumay.

The Palembang plant has managed to achieve recorded time of 6.012.776 hours of work with zero accident, started from 1 January 2011 until 31 December 2020. Panjang plant has reached a record time of 3.601.383 of work time with zero accident starting from 1 January 2012 until 31 December 2020.

The Zero Accident award is a form of K3 awarding that is given by government towards companies’ management team with successful implementation of the K3 program resulting in zero work accident during a certain period of time.

Within the last two years, Semen Baturaja has also acquired a similar award. The achievement of this Zero Accident is correlated with the Work Safety and Health Management System implemented by the company. Semen Baturaja will continue to maintain its commitment in the K3 implementation in each of its work environment.{}

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