BATURAJA – PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk established the Indonesia Cement Research Institute (ICRI) together with Semen Indonesia Group (SIG) on Thursday (26/11) virtually.

The synergy between BUMNs through the formation of ICRI between Semen Baturaja and SIG was formalized through the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding on Research Collaboration in the Cement Sector.

This virtual event was attended by the Director of Production & Development at SMBR Daconi, Director of Engineering & Projects at SIG Tri Abdisatrijo, Director of Human Resources & Legal SIG Tina T Kemala Intan and SIG Production Director Benny Wendry.

The Indonesia Cement Research Institute (ICRI) was formed as a long-term investment in the business world. This research need is expected to provide a broad contribution impact.

The formation of ICRI is also a form of the company’s strategy in accordance with the 5 (five) priorities of the Ministry of BUMN and the 2020-2024 SMBR strategic initiative.

“Starting today, Semen Baturaja and SIG will go hand in hand in strategic research activities to create innovative, high-tech and environmentally friendly products, as well as to improve operational efficiency and cost leadership of the Cement Cluster.” Said Daconi

The results that will be achieved through ICRI are expected to bring the Cement cluster in Indonesia to be able to create new innovations and technologies as well as to improve operating efficiency and cost leadership of the cluster which will assist the company in achieving its target.

Quarter III SMBR performance (July – September) has shown positive results with the achievement of a net profit of Rp. 25 billion. It is hoped that with a positive start to the market and with the implementation of the efficiency program, it is hoped that the 2020 performance will also record positive results. With the synergy carried out with GIS, it is hoped that it will be able to spur the company’s performance going forward.

“Hopefully in the future, ICRI will become the best cement and building material research center in Indonesia. Of course, this is inseparable from the support and cooperation of all parties so that the goal of this synergy is achieved, ”he concluded.

Through ICRI today, SIG and Semen Baturaja will go hand in hand in strategic research activities to create innovative, high-tech and environmentally friendly products. Hopefully this synergy can run well and make a big contribution to national development. {}

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