PALEMBANG – Among the series of the SMBR annual Anniversary Celebratory events, one of them is the Service and Miletone Awarding.

This year, the awarding was done virtually on Monday (16/11) at the head office of Semen Baturaja in Palembang City in accordance to the regulated Health Protocol.

The award was given to 5 employees of SMBR from three different plant locations: Palembang, Baturaja, Lampung. The awards were symbolically presented by the Board of Directors of SMBR.

Employees of SMBR whose years of service have reached 10, 30, and 35 years were the ones qualified to receive the award.

The awarding serves as a token of appreciation by the management of SMBR towards employees for the dedication that they have shown throughout the years of working as a member of the big family of SMBR.{}

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