PALEMBANG – Related within the SMBR’s 46th Anniversary Celebratory events, Semen Baturaja also held gathering party that is unlike the last year; this time, it is implemented virtually on Monday (16/11) to act as a preventive measure against the spread of Covid-19.

The party was participated by the Board of Commissaries, Directors, the entirety of Semen Baturaja workers, Heads of Holding Companies under Baturaja’s Multicompanies and Daya Insani (Human Empowerment), and Semen Baturaja’s Employees’ Housewife Association.

Though there weren’t much festivity around, SMBR still managed a creativity contests for its employees, such as the 46th Anniversary Logo making contest and Short Movie contest. These contests were arranged to kindle celebratory spirit and also to push creativity and productivity of the workers during the pandemic.{}

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