PALEMBANG – The General & Human Resources Director of Semen Baturaja, Amrullah, had acted as the main speaker of Public Relation Web Conference with the theme of “Be Creative and Develop Your Skill to Get Your Dream Job”.

The event was organized by the Assembly of Faculty of Social Science and Political Science of Sriwijaya University using Zoom meeting to facilitate the conference on Saturday (17/10).

The Vice Dean III of the Faculty of Social and Political Science of Sriwijaya University, Dr. Andi Alfatih M.Pa, officially opened the conference and is followed by hundreds of students.

During this occasion, the Vice Dean provided lectures about the work demands faced by workers within the era of industrial revolution 4.0.

During the closing of the conference, the Vice Dean encouraged the students to not be afraid in facing the industrial revolution 4.0, to always remain optimistic, and to never stop learning new things especially in a time where competition has become increasingly intense in order to ensure success in future.

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