PALEMBANG – The Company of Semen Baturaja is supplying the strategic projects in South Sumatra. One of which includes becoming supplier for the strategic project of Sumsel 8 Steam Based Electricity Generator construction in Muara Enim, South Sumatra.

The construction of the Generator has been supplied by Semen Baturaja with the estimated cost of 130.000 ton cement. The project that has been started since 2019 is predicted to finish in 2021. The Sumsel 8 Generator project will have become one of the Steam Based Electricity Generator in South Sumatra with the capacity of 2×620 megawatt (MW).

Aside of that, Semen Baturaja has also fulfilled the cement needs for the construction of toll road of Ruas Indralaya – Prabumulih; an extension of the Palembang – Indralaya toll road. The toll road project with the length of 64,7 km serves as an extension to the main Trans Sumatra Toll, which covers Indralaya – Muara Enim with 119 kilometer. The project is estimated to end on upcoming 2022.

In 2021, the Government has raised its Infrastructural state revenue budget from pushing strategic projects which got delayed in 2020 due to Covid-19 pandemic. Budget numbering 417,4 trillion rupiah was allocated for infrastructure sector in order to continue its development through the strengthening of digital infrastructure and push for logistics and connectivity efficiency.

The government of South Sumatra province ensured that in 2021 they will be focusing in building irrigation system and other supporting infrastructures. The budget will be directed towards labor-intensive work that supports the Industrial and Tourism sector.

The Indonesia Cement Association has stated that infrastructural construction works and strategic projects within the field of property have started during the end of first quarter of 2021. The consumption of cement has risen in almost all regions. South Sumatra is noted to have the highest increase of 20,2 % yoy in March 2021.

“This has turned out to be a positive growth for the cement industry. Semen Baturaja has also contributed in government’s project to bolster infrastructural goals in the region of South Sumatra”, said by the Marketing Director, Mukhamad Saifudin.

The beginning of 2021 has given opportunity for the company to improve sales volume after having faced many challenges in 2020. Semen Baturaja has also involved itself within strategic projects, such as: the construction of Supply of Ready Mixed Concrete from Oki Pulp & Paper Mill, construction of Water Based Electricity Generator in Kerinci with capacity of 350 MW, and construction project of Microhydro Based Electricity Generator in Lebong.

Not only that, Semen Baturaja has also provided supplies in various private strategic projects in regions of Bandar Lampung, Jambi, South Lampung city, Lubuklinggau and its surrounding area. Some of the projects include the construction of Regional Hospital of Sekayu, electricity-related construction projects, concrete train railing project in Musi, roads and bridges preservation, and many more private projects in South Sumatra.

To commemorate the rise of activities in the strategic projects of South Sumatra, the company also did revitalization of Baturaja Plant I, improvement of quality control, preparing squads that will help push distribution and other supporting facilities in order to support product availability with guaranteed quality and supply continuity for consumers.

Other than that, the company has also continuously implemented efficiency in production and fixed and variable cost to improve the competitive quality of Semen Baturaja.

“We are confident that we are able reach our target in 2021 through the cooperation and synergy between government, society, and especially creative State-owned Enterprises to push for infrastructure development in Indonesia”, he lastly added.{}

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