Initiated by Semen Baturaja, PTPN VI and Jiwasraya

Jambi – Thousands of people consisting of large SOE company families and Jambi City residents participated in the 2019 fun walk that took place in Telanaipura area of ​​Jambi City on Sunday (18/08).

The hype on the left wing of the Jambi Governor’s Office on Sunday morning was dominated by red and white colors uniform worn by the participants. The event started by doing morning exercises together with the instructor.

The fun walk was opened by Governor of Jambi province, H Fachrori Umar and was followed by the Directors of PT Semen Baturaja, PT Jiswasraya, PTPN6 as PIC and Co-PIC of BHUN 2019 activities in Jambi Province as well as Head of SOEs representative offices and branches in Jambi Province.

The participants walked down the road in front of the Jambi Governor’s Office which is a car free day area, passing the Sri Soedewi Anggrek Park and offices in the area. The atmosphere was even more lively with banners of the event.

“We are very grateful to SOEs, which have initiated this sports event for people of Jambi. SOE contribution has been felt by the public and we expected more increasing in the future” said Governor Fachrori Umar.

The fun walking activity also attended by 26 students from SMN 2019 East Nusa Tenggara Province.

The atmosphere of the activity was increasingly unique with the presence of a number of traditional culinary, such as satay padang, pisang ijo, apem bandung, stup macaroni and others accordance with the theme of raising local food.

In addition, there were also exhibitions presented by SOEs business partner products in Jambi, including PTPN6, Bulog and PNM, Jiwasraya and Pegadaian.

“Fun walk event is part of the 2019 BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri (BHUN), which is combined with bazaar and community economic empowerment, in this case represented by SOEs business partner” said Amrullah.

According to Amrullah, the activity introduced regional and traditional food, in this case traditional food from Jambi Province, as well as sweet potatoes, peanuts, and local snacks.

BUMN Hadir Untuk Negeri activity, said Amrullah not only fun walk event, but also many various activities by providing donation such as donation in religious facilities, house renovation, electrification, MCK construction, scholarships and others.

“BHUN program has been running since last June, starting from the Ramadan safari and the distribution of 1,000 Al-quran. This is a series of activities that routinely held by SOEs every year in each province. This year PT Semen Baturaja, Jiwasraya and PTPN6 chosen to become PIC and Co-PIC in the Jambi province”Amrullah said.

The activity is a form of synergy and solidarity of SOEs in the regions to support and succeed BHUN activities. Besides that, it is a place for SOEs to show their contribution to Jambi Province.

Meanwhile Jerry, one of the SMN participants from East Nusa Tenggara province said he was happy to be able to take part in this fun walk event. He also said he was happy because he could meet directly with Jambi Governor H. Fachrori Umar and take a photo with him.

“It’s nice to be able to blend in here, we don’t feel like guests or visitors because their welcoming us warmly. It felt like I was in my city in NTT, “said Jerry.

Meanwhile, as a closing there were door prizes draw with the grand prize of a motorbike.

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