Mr Amrullah Received The Award for Semen Baturaja At Apresiasi Emiten Pilihan Program Yuk Nabung Saham Tahun 2017 Event


Jakarta, Taking place at The Main Hall Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) on Monday (13/03), PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMBR) become one of 72 recommended listed companies on Yuk Nabung Saham 2017 program.

Yuk Nabung Saham tahun 2017 program initiated by Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) in collaboration with Asosiasi Analis Efek Indonesia (AAEI) and CSA Institute and later Yuk Nabung Saham 2017 program this is filled with a series of roadshows to campaign with 24 campuses throughout Indonesia, which held from March to December 2017.

The roadshow will be accompanied by Yuk Nabung Saham competition. The award for PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk itself is given directly to HR & GA Head of Department PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk Mr Amrullah.

                      PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk As Recommended Listed Company for Yuk Nabung Saham 2017 Program

According to the Chairman of AAEI Mr Haryajid Ramelan as representing the organizers, this is the same event for annual gathering for the Certified Securities Analyst (CSA which is now more than 400 people in Indonesia are CSA certified.

This apresiasi Appreciation is also a manifestation AAEI and CSA Institute contributes to the development and professional investors in the capital market in Indonesia. The issuers that elected, based on a survey conducted by CSA Institute and AAEI, with criteria of profitability level in the future, disclosure and transparency, corporate governance, stock liquidity and business sustainability.

                                   The Recipient of Recommended Listed Companies for Yuk Nabung Saham 2017 Program

72 listed companies were selected by a jury from academics and professionals especially an analyst. From the 536 listed companies that previously selected, 120 listed companies selected and at the end choosen by vote from the CSA certified analysts to determine the 72 recommended listed companies. (PR PTSB)