PALEMBANG – In preparation of the upcoming New Normal phase, Semen Baturaja held Covid-19 rapid test for all of its employees. The rapid test for Palembang site, the Representative Office of Jakarta, and Jambi was conducted on 9-10 June 2020 then. The test was continued on Site Baturaja on 16-17 June 2020 and Site Lampung on 19 June 2020. Semen Baturaja has collaborated with Pertamina Medika Hospital or State-Owned Business Enterprises Hospitals in each region to carry out the rapid test. The rapid test was performed in order to anticipate the potential risk and infection of Covid-19 within SMBR environment area, especially considering that in the near future the Central Government, through the Ministry of State-Owned Business Enterprises, has requested for each state-owned company to prepare themselves for the New Normal phase so that their company’s operational processes will be able to work like usual. Semen Baturaja, too, has further tighten its health protocol on its company’s activity in order to protect its employees, customers, distributors, business partners, and stakeholders in entering the novel New Normal phase.

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