Semen Baturaja Received Recess Visitation from Palembang Regional People’s Representative Council of Electoral District VI

PALEMBANG – On Monday, 2 December, the Head Office of Semen Baturaja has received a recess visitation from Palembang Regional People;s Representative Council of Electoral District VI on the occasion of conveying society’s aspiration for the Management of SMBR.

The visitation was lead by Dr. H. Fauzi Ahmad SH. MH. together with members: Siti Suhaifa (PKB), Sukri Zen (Gerindra), M. Firmansyah SE. MM. (PDIP), Fahri Ardianto (Golkar), Ali Subri (Nasdem), Fauzi Ahmad (PAN), Zainal Abidin (Demokrat), and Ilyas Hasbullah (Demokrat).

The purpose of the Palembang’s Council visitation is to improve upon the relationship with SMBR, while also to bring upon some follow-up proposals.

“Our intention here, other than to deepen our ties with each other, is to propose some suggestions for consideration, such as road construction”, as stated by the Electoral District VI Recess Leader and Palembang’s Council member DR. H. Fauzi Achmad SH. MH. during the visit.

He continued that so far, SMBR has already done very well in developing and constructing roads and other public facilities in the nearby area.

In correspondance to what has been stated by the recess leader, the Head of Kertapati sub-district, Dwi Yudiansyah S.STP, also mentioned that thus far, SMBR has tremendously helped locals nearby; whether it is the infrastructure repairment, sanitation tax, and many other accommodations. Lastly, he also hopes the best for SMBR.

Basthony Santri, acting as the Vice President Corporate Secretary of SMBR, has stated that the company has send CSR support towards the local of Ring 1 in each branch of plant (Palembang, Baturaja, and Lampung). The support is classified into 7 categories, they are: natural disaster relief, education and coaching, health improvement, religious facilities, tools and infrastructures, nature’s conservation, and also poverty eradication. The CSR relief was provided in accordance to the State-owned Enterprise Regulation number PER-09/MBU/07/2015 concerning Partnership Program and Corporate Social Responsibility, which includes a maximum of 4% post-tax net income allowance that is to be allocated in the CSR program.

The company has also been fulfilling its obligation to pay tax and retribution annually in accordance to the applicable terms and regulations, which includes: surface water tax, land and housing tax, road tax, sanitation tax, and harbors internal waters retribution to each instance within the government of Palembang city.  

“We have received the suggestions proposed by the Palembang People’s Council during their recess visitation, and we will proceed to evaluate and relay the proposals to the management team.”

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