PALEMBANG – To celebrate the National Work Safety and Health Month 2020, Semen Baturaja has collaborated with Red Cross Indonesia to organize blood donor. The donor was held on 3 sites of Semen Baturaja’s plants, which are: Palembang, Baturaja, and Panjang. The blood donor which involved the entire community of Semen Baturaja took place at Baturaja Plant on Thursday, 6 February, then at Panjang Plant on Friday, 7 February, and finally at Palembang on Wednesday, 12 February. Not only it is a form of philanthropic act to help save the lives of other people who needed the blood, the donation is also beneficial for the health of its donor.

Other than the blood donor, Semen Baturaja also held various Work Safety and Health themed contests whose aim is to plant awareness on its employee concerning the importance of practicing work safety and health. Some of the contests being held on Wednesday, 12 February, include quizzes with themes of work safety and health, a fire extinguishing demonstration show using Fire Ball, Body Harness usage showcase, and APAR.

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