Semen Baturaja Established a Cooperation of Industrial Vocational Education Program

Palembang – PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk launched and inaugurated the Industrial Vocational Education Program of South Sumatera Region on Friday (11/5). The event coincided with the inauguration of Pusri IIB Factory, NPK 2.4 million tonnes Project and The Ground Breaking of NPK Fusion Pusri Factory.

This event was attended by Minister of Industry, Airlangga Hartarto, and Minister of State Owned Enterprises, Rini Sumarno, accompanied by Directors from various companies in the South Sulawesi region.

It is marked with sirene as a hallmark of the launch of Industrial Vocational Education Program, SMBR provides facilities assistance and established the Industrial Vocational Program Cooperation Agreement with eight schools as follows:

  1. SMK Negeri 1 OKU 
    2. SMK Negeri 2 OKU 
    3. SMK Negeri 3 OKU 
    4. SMK Sentosa Bhakti Baturaja OKU 
    5. SMK Kader Pembangunan Baturaja OKU 
    6. SMK Negeri 1 Martapura OKU Timur 
    7. SMK Negeri 1 Muara Dua OKU Selatan 
    8. SMK Negeri 1 Kebun Tebu Lampung Barat

President Director of PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk., Rahmad Pribadi, also handed over symbolic education assistance to the eight schools, witnessed by the Minister of Industry and Minister of State Owned Enterprises. SMBR also signed MOU with Ministry of Industry RI Training Center about the implementation of Vocational Program D1 and 3in1 Training System  (training, certification, and work placement). The signing of this MOU aims to utilize the resources available to each party in meeting the needs of the industrial sector workforce. This 3in1 System Training Program is the first in Sumatra and 2nd in Indonesia.

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