The Bayt al-Mal of PT. Semen Baturaja, together with Rumah Zakat, has organized a mass screening of the film Hayya 2: The Power of Love on Tuesday, 1 October 2019, in Palembang’s CGV Transmart. Notably, the lead actor of the film, Adhin Abdul hakim, was also present during the screening. 

The mass screening was attended by the management of the Bayt al-Mal while also had invited the entire supervisors, management and talented foster children of South Sumatra’s Rumah Zakat, along with the local community and volunteers there.

The movie is the continuity sequel of 212 The Power of Love that was released on theatre last year. The movie teaches invaluable meaning and moral value, in particular to gain understanding of the meaning of love and faith within Islam.

Post movie screening, it was followed by charity work from Bayt al-Mal for the fostered children of the Rumah Zakat. The donation was personally presented by the leader of the Bayt al-Mal himself, Pramaja Gusnandy, while being observed by the branch manager of South Sumatra’s Rumah Zakat, Hadi Yuhasta.       

What makes this philanthropic occasion so special is because the money earned from the ticket sales will be donated to our Palestinian and Wamenan brothers and sisters who are in need of help.

It is in our wish that this activity might someday bring blessing for both Rumah Zakat and PT. Semen Baturaja.

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