On Wednesday, 11 September, 2019, the employees of PT. Semen Baturaja was given the training “Train the Trainer” as part of the sequence following the safety leadership training in SMBR that has been implemented since the start of year 2019.

Working together with DuPont, this training serves to educate its selected recruits by providing them the sufficient information and knowledge concerning workplace safety, so that they can spread awareness and relay the message about the importance of safety in work to others, such as fellow employees or family.

Some of the subject matters that were being taught during the training include the Accident Triangle and its correlation to worker’s safety, and also about Baturaja Risk Containment (BRC); the methods to recognize and identify highly unsafe activities in order to take corrective measure.

To effectively remove the potential of danger in workplace activities, and to improve the awareness concerning the importance of safety in work and sharpen individual’s risk perception, while also encouraging safe behavior as well as preventing accident and damage in company’s assets.

All of the information provided in the training was really helpful was it not? Hopefully the result of this training can be beneficial in particular to raising consciousness about work safety and also the vigilance towards the potential of work accident in SMBR.

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