Public Expose PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk in 2017

Jakarta, Located at the Indonesia Stock Exchange building, Public Expose Marathon has been organized by BEI, KPEI and KSEI.

This activity can open access and wider relationships between investors and listed companies, including to get the latest information about the performance of listed companies.

In an activity titled “Public Expose Marathon” there are 68 (sixty eight) companies listed on the BEI will deliver their latest performance updates and plans for implementation in 10 (ten) major cities in Indonesia.

PT . Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk once again became one of the participants in this Public Expose. Based on the Indonesia Stock Exchange Regulation number I-E, it is mentioned that each Listed Company must conduct an annual public expose of at least 1 (one) time in a year.

In this event PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk conducted a presentation of company development along with question and answer to the participants who attended and ended with a press conference which was attended by the President Director, Mr . Rahmad Pribadi, Finance Director, Mr . Dede Parasade, Production Director Mr . Daconi and Corporate Secretary, Mr .Rum Hendarmin.

The material presented is the development of the company’s current condition (including financial and operational performance). Semen Baturaja Tbk (SMBR) is preparing an initiative to address future sales challenges called the “Three Elephants Initiative,” which consists of Cost Leadership, Market Expansion and Business Process Streaming.

In the initiative of Cost Leadership, the company targets the end-of-year efficiency to reach Rp70-100 billion through various measures, such as reducing clinker, energy savings through low-calorie coal use, long-term coal procurement contracts by 2020 and the use of electricity tariffs cheaper.

Efficiency is also done on distribution and logistics costs, where the company cooperates with PT KALOG to route Tiga Gajah Baturaha station to Tegineneng in Lampung.

In the market expansion initiative, the company targets the opening of new markets, such as in Jambi and Bengkulu. Until June 2017 sales in Jambi and Bengkulu grew 54% and 29%. The Business Process Streamlining initiative aims to accelerate decision-making.

By the end of 2017, the company targets the sales volume of cement to reach 2.011 million tons and revenue of Rp 1.83 trillion or 23% and 20% respectively, and EBITDA of Rp580 billion grew 38% YoY . (PR & Corsec SMBR)