Baturaja. Semen Baturaja’s Marketing, Sales & Logistics Team held a 2019 Marketing Directorate Meeting on Friday to Saturday, January 25-26 2018 at the Baturaja Factory Wisma Ganesha Hall. The theme of the 2019 Marketing Directorate’s Meeting is ONE TARGET ONE MISSION TO GLORY. The meeting was guided by the SMBR’s Marketing Director, M. Jamil,

In addition to discussing marketing targets in 2019, the meetings are also a venue for sharing and exchanging information between each division in the Marketing Directorate for the development of future marketing strategies.

On the second day, a workshop was also held and attended by Distributors, Sales Surveyors, Intelligent Application Marketing and Sales Distributors. The workshop was also held to introduce marketing partners Semen Baturaja in the cement production process by visiting the factory area. (Corsec SMBR)


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