Annual General Meeting of Shareholders of 2020, Semen Baturaja Records Sales of 1,93 Million Ton of Cement

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JAKARTA – The Company of Semen Baturaja has just organized the Annual General Meeting of Stakeholders of 2020 in Wisma Antara, Central Jakarta, on Thursday, 27 May 2021.

The stakeholders were attending the gathering either in person or virtually due to the health protocol restricting the amount of participants allowed in the event. Lead by the Main Commissioner of Semen Baturaja himself, Franky Sibarani, the gathering event proceeded well from start until end.

During this gathering, the stakeholders have firmly established agreements to 8 segments of the event, some of which included the agreement of annual report and audited financial statement of Semen Baturaja for year 2020; including the ratification of financial report of partnership and community development program of 2020 and also the changes included in its article of association.

The gathering has also issued a change in the company’s management structure. This change was proposed by the A-series Dwiwarna stakeholder with the agreement in accordance to the future needs of the company. Semen Baturaja has expressed deep gratitude and appreciation over the contribution of its management team in maintaining the financial and operational performance of Semen Baturaja.

Changes were made in the structure of the company’s management with the advent of Independent Commissioner of Semen Baturaja, Chowadja Sanova. Henceforth, the new structure for the company’s management team decreed by the Annual Stakeholder Gathering is comprised as follows:

Main Commissioner : Franky Sibarani
Commissioner : Oke Nurwan
Independent Commissioner : Darusman Mawardi
Independent Commissioner : Endang Tirtana
Independent Commissioner : Chowadja Sanova
Main Director : Jobi Triananda Hasjim
Director of Production and Development : Daconi
Director of Financial and Management Risk : M. Jamil
General and Human Resources Director : Amrullah
Marketing Director : Mukhamad Saifudin

The gathering has also decided agreement on a report concerning Semen Baturaja’s work performance during 2020. The report stated by the company’s Main Director, Jobi Triananda Hasjim, listed that the company was able to hold a positive performance record by maximizing revenue achieving 1,72 trillion rupiah while also improving EBITDA into 416,4 billion rupiah; a 2% increase when compared to 2019.

“This positive performance is the result from several strategic initiatives done by the management team in pushing the effort of increasing revenue. Through cost and business efficiency, fixing distribution system and organizing distributors, it was made possible to significantly hold back the cost of goods sold’, as stated by the Main Director.

The company managed to push the effort in raising income with a sales record of cement numbering 1,93 million ton and other non-cement products sales such as white clay, mortar, porous concrete, and various others. The highest sold product is still withheld by cement sacks distributed around the marketing areas of Semen Baturaja.

The same strategic initiative is being adopted again by the company in 2021, and it managed to make record in the raise of income during first quarter of 2021 numbering 20% yoy and gaining 394 billion rupiah. The continuation of cost efficiency has also managed to lower the cost of goods sold by 21% in comparison to the same period during 2020 until first quarter of 2021, with a positive net income of 17,9 billion rupiah.

As one of the State-owned Business Enterprises in Sumatra, Semen Baturaja was able to maintain its sales growth in order to fulfill demand in South Sumatra, Jambi, Lampung, Bengkulu, and Bangka Belitung. The region of Sumatra has a positive cement growth in part due to amount of demand helping in improving sales volume during the first quarter of 2021 by 22% into 452.931 ton.

There were various strategies implemented to improve the company’s performance, such as: the policy of product quality adjusting with the consumers’ needs, the policy of supply continuity exemplified by the readiness of logistics squads, to buffer stock in strategic sales regions, and also selling derivative products, such as white clay, mortar, porous concrete, and others.

The company is confident that it will be able to reach sales target in 2021 due to the increase in state revenue budget of 2021 for infrastructure by 47,3% becoming 414 trillion and the growth of national economy that is estimated to rise by 4-5%.

“The government has started to work on its strategic projects and Semen Baturaja has also participated within its projects that provide them the opportunity to boost sales volume and handling over supply of cement”, Jobi added.

The Annual Gathering of Stakeholders has also agreed upon some proposals of which includes the arrangement of performance incentive for the Commissioner Board and Directors for fiscal year of 2020 and earnings of Commissioner Board and Directors for fiscal year of 2021. Next is the appointment of public accountant office to audit consolidated financial report and the financial report of partnership and community development of the company’s fiscal year of 2021 within the scope of work that includes the company’s performance evaluation report, performance indicator evaluation report, and intern handling and law adherence reports.

Also included are confirming the implementation of 5 (five) ministry regulations of State-owned Business Enterprise (Badan Usaha Milik Negara in Indonesian, or BUMN) involving the management contract and annual management contract of Directors of BUMN, the ministry regulation of BUMN concerning the procedures for proposal, reporting, observance, and change in utilization of state capital inclusion addition to BUMN and limited company, the ministry regulation of BUMN relating to procedures of writing-off and transfer of fixed assets of BUMN, the ministry regulation about the Social and Community Responsibility of BUMN program, and lastly the ministry regulation pertaining to partnership procedure of BUMN.{}

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