The Director of Semen Baturaja (SMBR), Jobi Triananda Hasjim, recently met the Regent of Sarolangun, H Cek Endra, on Monday, (25/02) at the Sarolangun Regent’s Service House. Together with the Director of Production & Development, Daconi and General & HR Director, Amrullah along with staff.

“All the permits have been taken care of. Hopefully this plan can be realized as soon as possible. Because there are many benefits that can be felt by the presence of this factory in Sarolangun, “said H Cek Endra. In line with what was conveyed by Jobi, the Sarolangun Regency Government also gave full support to the acceleration of the SMBR investment plan. During the meeting, the Regent of Sarolangun, H Cek Endra said that even in an effort to accelerate the construction of the Sarolangun Plant, the local government was ready to assist in all forms of licensing needed. “This is a big investment, surely there are multiplier effects, not only Sarolangun Regency but Jambi Province,” explained Jobi. In addition to improving the economy of the community, the existence of the SMBR Factory will have an impact on increasing regional income by contributing taxes and levies. Coupled with an increase in employment and of course supporting the cement needs of government and private infrastructure projects.

Jobi also thanked the Sarolangun District Government, especially the Sarolangun Regent, who was always ready to help and fully support the strategic project, which in the future would have a broad impact on the community. “This is good news for us, Semen Baturaja, because with the issuance of the construction site permit, this plant greatly helped the progress of the acceleration of the construction of the plant in Sarolangun,” Jobi added. In addition, the meeting also discussed the development of plans for the construction of the SMBR factory in Sarolangun District, which is currently accelerating. The agenda of the meeting of the management of SMBR with the Regent of Sarolangun, in addition to build the relationship, was also the submission of the permit for the construction site of the SMBR plant and discussing the development of the investment plan of the SMBR in Sarolangun. This was the first time Jobi had met face to face with the Regent of Sarolangun, after he was appointed as the President Director of SMBR at the end of October last year. “At the same time I want to introduce myself and build the relationships with Mr. Regent” said Jobi. (Corsec SMBR)

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