The Introduction of the Company to The Board of Comissioners PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk

THREE SITE, Board of Commissioners of SMBR, Mr. Marwan Paris, who recently served as Independent Commissioner of SMBR according to the RUPST results on February 28, 2018, had the opportunity to visit the Baturaja Cement Plant at three sites. On Thursday (26/07) he took the time to visit the Panjang Factory, Friday (07/27) he visited the Baturaja Factory and on Saturday (07/28) he visited the Palembang Head Office & Factory.

Accompanied by the Commissioner, Mr. Kiki Rizki Yoctavian and Director of Production & Development of SMBR, Daconi and his staff. On the occasion of a visit to the Baturaja Factory, he also had the opportunity to plant tree seeds in the factory area as a manifestation of SMBR’s management commitment in preserving the environment. In addition, he also had the opportunity to visit the Baturaja II Mine area and the Baturaja II Mining Bridge Making Project at Bukit Pelawi.

On the occasion, Mr. Marwan Paris received guidance about Semen Baturaja from the production process to the marketing area and the latest information on the performance of Semen Baturaja. This introduction / induction to the Board of Commissioners is one of the assessment requirements. (Corsec SMBR)

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