Semen Baturaja Print the Increase in Sales Volume 14% in the First Semester of 2021

PALEMBANG – Pandemic Covid-19 is not over yet, throughout the Semester I/2021 PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk (SMBR) managed to raise a brilliant performance better than the performance of the operational and financial performance. Sales Volume of cement in the first Semester of 2021 recorded up 14% of 850.484 tons. So positively is able to increase the company’s revenue amounted to Rp 763,63 billion, up 14% (YoY). Cement sales in the first Semester of 2021 is still dominated by the cement bag/sack to third parties amounted to Rp 654,81 billion.

Director of SMBR Jobi Triananda Hasjim revealed that the achievement of positive performance is the result of hard work and effort of the entire line in the company.

“Management ensure that the activities of production and sales is able to walk well with not reduce our vigilance against the spread of the virus Covid-19. This is the result of hard work together.” said Jobi.

This growth was driven by a recovery in investment activity and priority infrastructure development as a positive catalyst for the company cement in the region of Sumatra. So that the cement industry is not having a significant impact with the imposition of restrictions on the activities of the community.

“The implementation of PPKM not cause the demand for cement in the region of Indonesia has experienced a decline, driven by the economic growth in the year 2021.” He added

The performance of the SMBR also shows recovery throughout the Semester I/2021 by posting a positive net worth of Rp to 2.65 billion. SMBR managed to suppress the cost of sales amounted to 7% of the Rp 436,73 billion to Rp 407,45 billion. Then the operating expenses also decreased by 5% from Rp 268,8 billion to Rp 255,6 billion.

The Company’s Total assets increased to Rp to 5.75 trillion compared to the year 2020, which amounted to Rp 5,73 trillion, SMBR recorded liabilities of Rp was 2.35 trillion and equity Rp from 3.40 trillion. EBITDA recorded is able to reach Rp 196 billion or grew by 227% compared to the same period a year earlier.

All positive performance obtained is the success of the initiative strategies SMBR in the cost efficiency of production & cost of business. Management increasingly optimistic about the performance of MBR in the second Half of 2021 able to hit the target with the National Economic Recovery (PEN) and also the cement industry is one of the strategic sectors that still have to walk amid the pandemic to support infrastructure development in Indonesia.{}

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