During 2018, SMBR recorded sales volume of 2,178,188 tons or grew by 24% compared to the same period last year of 1,762,137 tons. The Director of SMBR, Jobi Triananda Hasjim said that the growth of SMBR’s sales volume was far above the industry which only grew by around 5% this year. “SMBR’s sales volume growth this year is one of the highest in the industry,” said Jobi, (Monday 7/1).

In December 2018, cement sales volume of SMBR was recorded at 220,737 tons, up 22% compared to December last year, until the last 12 months the sales volume of SMBR was able to grow double digit.

Based on data from the Indonesian Cement Association (ASI), as of November 2018, SMBR’s market share has increased throughout the Company’s marketing areas and is still the leader in market share in South Sumatra and Lampung with 54% and 26% respectively. In other marketing areas, there is also an increase in market share, such as in Jambi which has reached 14%, Bengkulu at 8% and Bangka Belitung at 5%. “The growth in sales volume has exceeded demand growth in all of the Company’s marketing areas,” he explained

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