BATURAJA – The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has spread in more than 282 cities in Indonesia. This number keeps on increasing, despite the lowering curve on positive cases and the increase of cases of recovering from Covid-19. As per 26 April 2020, it has been listed that there are 129 positive cases of Covid-19 in the province of South Sumatra spread in different regions of the province.

In the attempt to prevent the Covid-19 infection, PT Semen Baturaja (SMBR) has distributed a number of relief supports in the form of medical equipment to the Task Force for Handling Covid-19 Disaster of Ogan, Komering, Ulu (OKU) Region on Monday, 27 April. The relief support was directly given by the Vice President Operation I of Semen Baturaja, Eko David Irawan, to the Head of OKU region, Kuryana Aziz, on the latter’s house.

Semen Baturaja, who has been appointed as the coordinator of the Task Force for Covid-19 Disaster of OKU, has distributed relief in the form of 100 pieces of medical protective equipment, 2500 pieces of medical face masks, 10.000 pieces of handscoon, 100 liter of hand sanitizer, and 1000 pieces of cloth face masks, “We, alongside all of the State-Owned Business Enterprises in South Sumatra, are working together with each other and gave our full support especially to the government in their many efforts to prevent the spread of Coronavirus, mainly in the OKU region,” said Eko David Irawan.

Other than the company’s CSR, the medical equipment donations also came from the Semen Baturaja Employee Union and Bayt al-Mal of Semen Baturaja Employee. “It is a form of consideration from the employees of Semen Baturaja who have donated in order to help preventing the spread of Covid-19,” he added. Going further, Eko David hoped that the donated relief support to be immediately distributed, especially for medical workers or people of OKU region.

Previously, Semen Baturaja along with other 46 State-Owned Business Enterprises had provided relief support to help manage Covid-19 in the form of medical equipments to the government of South Sumatra province. Other than the donation, Semen Baturaja has also directly contributed to the preventive measure against Covid-19 through disinfectant spraying on several public areas in OKU region back then on 26 March. “We even deployed teams from Semen Baturaja to help doing tracing and spraying disinfectant on the houses of both people and patients under Covid-19 surveillance in OKU region,” as Eko David mentioned.

Applying the Various Preventive Measures in Accordance with the Protocol Standard set by the Central Government

PALEMBANG – The current spreading of Coronaviruse Disease 2019 (Covid-19) has worsened. As of 5 April 2020, a number of 2273 positive infection case has been listed in Indonesia. Currently, there are at least 44 patients under surveillance that are undergoing treatment with 16 of them declared infected in South Sumatra. The government continues to warn its people to always be cautious with Covid-19 transmission by reducing group activities and maintaining cleanliness and health. In the attempt to hasten the handling of Covid-19, the government has also set up a large-scale social distancing measure.

PT Semen Baturaja (SMBR) is one of the State-Owned Business Enterprises operating on South Sumatra which has had taken several measures to prevent the spread of Covid-19 as per the protocol standard set by the Central Government, such as:

  1. Organizing socialization to educate about the transmission and prevention of Covid-19 to employees of SMBR that were being directly taught by the Boards of Direction and Management and the Management of Siloam Sriwijaya Hospital who collaborated with SMBR.
  2. Organizing another Covid-19 handling socialization to employees of SMBR and external party through various contents in social media, banner, poster, and flyer scattered around the work area of SMBR.
  3. Publishing the SOP of vigilance in treating Covid-19 infection for employees of SMBR and their family.
  4. Mandating the body temperature measuring and sterilization within the sterilization chamber for employees and guests entering the area inside the office and plant of SMBR.
  5. Providing necessities that help to maintain cleanliness and health in company’s environment such as hand sanitizer for every employee while also placing it in public area, distributing face mask, and forming Hotline Centre along with unit rooms for medical purpose in each site for employees who need treatment.
  6. Sterilization of work area by periodic disinfectant spraying.
  7. Applying the Work From Home (WFH) policy for employees whose age are over 50 years old and mothers with pregnancy. Those who are included in the WFH category are perceived to be more vulnerable to Covid-19 compared.
  8. Applying the Physical Distancing policy on all work activities by restricting activities that require the gathering of mass of people, such as ceremony, morning exercise, and meetings, to only include up to ten people at maximum.
  9. Optimizing the usage of Video Conference as a mean of communication and coordination meeting between site in order to minimize the need of work trip,
  10. Limiting the number of external party or guest visiting SMBR.
  11. The accepting and distributing of document or letter work will be required to be in the form of softcopy and sent through email.

SMBR is also part of and playing an active role within the Task Force of Covid-19 Handling both in the province of South Sumatra and the Ministry of State-Owned Business Enterprise. SMBR also supports the government in managing the spreading of Covid-19 to prevent it from proliferating any further.

As an example, SMBR together with the Regional Government of OKU have done disinfectant spraying on many public areas in OKU region starting from 26 March then. “Other than that, we are also currently have coordinated with the other State-Owned Business Enterprises in supplying the numerous necessities like protective equipment for medical workers, face masks and hand sanitizers for people who need it,” as stated.

The steps and policies that have been utilized by the company under the preventive measure of Covid-19 were done with the aim to ensure the well being of every employee, and protecting them from the risk of COvid-19 infection while also allow them to still work safely and comfortably. “We are predicting that there would be a 20% decrease in cement sale throughout Semester I-2020 due to Covid-19,” as noted.

It’s noticeable on February where the sales number of SMBR has been reconciliated by 14% in conjunction with the 12% reconciliation of the cement demand in South Sumatra. Even so, companies remain confident that there would be growth in sales during the entirety of 2020 through reinforcement in the growth of property and infrastructure sectors that has become the main sector of cement manufacturing.

In the attempt to alleviate the decrease of demand for cement that is being exacerbated by Covid-19 pandemic, SMBR has prepared several strategies to push for its productivity in 2020, such as: the diversification of underlying cement product, doing cost efficiency in several product lineups, and also by applying marketing strategies focusing on the sale of cement in SMBR-based markets.

SMBR is also hoping for a growth on cement demand within the retail sector in relation with the potential stimulus or incentive from housing provided by government, in following what had once been stated by the minister of Ministry of Public Works and Public Housing of Republic of Indonesia, Basuki Hadimuljono. In addition, it is also hoped that the first phase of village fund distribution on May could further push the sales number of SMBR cement.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja, together with other 45 State-Owned Business Enterprises of South Sumatra that are included in the South Sumatra State-Owned Business Enterprise Task Force for National Disaster, have donated medical equipments to the government of South Sumatra. The relief support provided consisted of accumulated funds from the entire State-Owned Business Enterprises of South Sumatra in the form of medical equipments, such as: protective equipment, handscoon, hand sanitizer, temperature scanner, oxygen spray, and multivitamin. The relief was symbolically presented by Pusri, acting as the coordinator of South Sumatra State-Owned Business Enterprise Task Force for National Disaster, and was accepted by the governor of South Sumatra, Herman Deru, in South Sumatra’s National Board for Disaster Management post on Thursday, 9 April.

During the implementation, the relief accepted from the Task Force for the National Board will have been distributed to places that need it, including hospitals. As a state-owned company, Indonesia’s State-Owned Business Enterprise will always continue to work with the government in managing the Covid-19 disaster, one of which is through the formation of Task Force. We all swore that we will thrive over Covid-19!

BATURAJA – In anticipating the impact of Covid-19, the government of OKU region has formed the Covid-19 Task Force Team of OKU Region consisting of Regional Leadership Coordinating Forum of OKU and several companies situated in said region. Semen Baturaja is one among those companies that is actively involved on its activities.

One of its perceptible activities that were performed under the Covid-19 preventive measure is the spraying of disinfectant simultaneously on various public areas in Baturaja that was conducted within three days in sequence; starting from 26 to 28 March 2020. On the first day, the spraying was done on the protocol road, office buildings, marketplaces, and other public facilities in Baturaja city.

The simultaneous disinfectant spraying was aimed to prevent and minimize the impact of Covid-19 in OKU region with the hope that there won’t be any infection case among the locals. As a member the State-Owned Business Enterprises of this country, SMBR is actively playing role within the Covid-19 Task Force Team who has been directly mandated to help and support the procedures to manage the Covid-19 infection on its operating locations.

PALEMBANG – To prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus, Semen Baturaja has performed the sterilization of their entire work location by using disinfectant spray. As a preventive measure of Covid-19, SMBR has also arranged a serial of activities such as body temperature measurement, distributing free face mask, providing antiseptic spray on work area, conducting the Work From Home program and Self Distancing, and also organized a socialization for employees to spread awareness concerning the transmission and prevention of Covid-19. Semen Baturaja will continue to improve awareness by protecting the well being and health of its employees and giving support for the government in handling the spread of Covid-19.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has officially opened the Arts Workshop of Srikandi Mahardika Movement that is situated in Pantai Musi 13 Ulu Plaju, Palembang on Wednesday, 18 March. The Arts Workshop was built with the purpose of preserving and cultivating the traditional arts of South Sumatra and to hone the artistic creativity and potential of artists. The official opening was attended by the head of Seberang Ulu II district, Rahwan Paneh, the VP Human Resources of SMBR, Fitria Margaretha, the SM CSR of SMBR, Fuad Azizi, and the head of the Srikandi Mahardika Workshop, Galuh Sito Resmi.

“The extracurricular activities in this workshop includes the art of dancing, Haḍra (collective supererogatory ritual performed by Sufi orders), handicraft, and the development of students’ potential,” as stated by Galuh Sito Resmi, the head of the Srikandi Mahardika Workshop, on Wednesday, 18 March 2020. Galuh also mentioned that the workshop is independently owned and meant for local children to freely learn about various branches of artistic creativity. “This workshop is also the first one to be officially opened within the district of Seberang Ulu II, and we are aiming to also participate in other districts’ workshop in the future,” Galuh added.

This establishment’s design is likened to a house that encapsulates several educational institutions into one, so as to make it easier to coordinate these institutions. As for the age range of the students, it is generally between 7 years to junior high school students, while the learning educators consisted of volunteers that are predominantly university or college students. “The students do not merely receive formal education that is commonly being taught, but they can also learn non-formal ones such as dancing and poetry. Natural artistic talent and potential are being tapped and brought forth in here,” as explained.

Moreover, other than showing appreciation towards the workhouse, the company of SMBR will also give continuous support to it by observing the house of arts’ growth in the future. “We are in full support of this house, and the grand opening is our way of appreciation of it,” Galuh mentioned on the media.

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has collaborated with Stock Exchange Indonesia and Indo Premier Sekuritas to organize the Capital Market Course program for its employees. Hari Mulyono, the head of Representative Office of Stock Exchange Indonesia, together with Fitria Andriani of Indo Premier Sekuritas, instructed the course with the goal of educating the employees about Capital Market to give them understanding on Capital Market investment.

The lesson taught in the program consisted of two levels. Level 1 included the introduction to stock investment, stock symbol, and Capital Market structure in Indonesia. In Level 2, participants were being encouraged to learn about the mechanism of stock trading in Capital Market and stock purchasing through available application. Each participant was also given a newly opened stock trading account worth 100.000 Rupiah for transaction.

Palembang, On Sunday (07/10) at the Canton Arena Park Palembang, the final match of the Third Division of Palembang Basket League (PBL) 2018 was held. The team from PT Semen Baturaja (Persero) Tbk participated and managed to become champions in the tournament.

The team from Semen Baturaja won the first place after defeating the Team from Bank Sumsel Babel with a score of 84-57. Trophies and medals are handed over directly to the manager, coach and players from the Semen Baturaja Team. (Corsec SMBR)

BATURAJA, In order to celebrate the 18th anniversary of the Association of Semen Baturaja Employees’ Wives (IIKSB), a series of activities have been held starting on Saturday (06/10) until Sunday (07/10) in Baturaja. The celebration of IIKSB’s Anniversary was filled with various competitions and sharing session attended by all IIKSB Trustees, Advisers, Managers & Members from various sites. Mr. Rahmad Pribadi as the President Director, and Mr. Daconi as the Director of Production and Development who also acted as the supervisor.

The competition that was held included tumpeng decorating, makeup and karaoke competition which was joined by all the members of the IIKSB. While at the sharing session, IIKSB also provided assistance to orphans and retired Semen Baturaja children who were handed over directly by the Advisor and Advisor to IIKSB.

Besides being filled with competitions and sharing session, this year’s IIKSB Anniversary was also celebrated with the release of sparrow birds and planting tree seeds in the Factory area as a form of the big family commitment of Semen Baturaja to realize the company’s vision to become the leading Green Cement Based Building Material Company in Indonesia. (Corsec SMBR)

THREE SITE, Board of Commissioners of SMBR, Mr. Marwan Paris, who recently served as Independent Commissioner of SMBR according to the RUPST results on February 28, 2018, had the opportunity to visit the Baturaja Cement Plant at three sites. On Thursday (26/07) he took the time to visit the Panjang Factory, Friday (07/27) he visited the Baturaja Factory and on Saturday (07/28) he visited the Palembang Head Office & Factory.

Accompanied by the Commissioner, Mr. Kiki Rizki Yoctavian and Director of Production & Development of SMBR, Daconi and his staff. On the occasion of a visit to the Baturaja Factory, he also had the opportunity to plant tree seeds in the factory area as a manifestation of SMBR’s management commitment in preserving the environment. In addition, he also had the opportunity to visit the Baturaja II Mine area and the Baturaja II Mining Bridge Making Project at Bukit Pelawi.

On the occasion, Mr. Marwan Paris received guidance about Semen Baturaja from the production process to the marketing area and the latest information on the performance of Semen Baturaja. This introduction / induction to the Board of Commissioners is one of the assessment requirements. (Corsec SMBR)