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Commemorating Labor Day, Semen Baturaja Worker’s Union Donated Face Masks and Takjil (Ramadhan Sweet Treats) for Officers of Covid-19 Posts in OKU Region

BATURAJA – Coinciding with the May Day, or National Labor Day, Semen Baturaja Worker’s Union had conducted a social activity as form of solidarity between fellow workers. On Wednesday, 6 April, the Union had donated 300 pieces of face masks and provided takjil (sweet treats during Ramadhan) for officers working on Covid-19 Posts in OKU […]


Semen Baturaja Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Attorney General Office of Sumatra Selatan Concerning the Handling of Civil Law and State Administrative Procedure Law

PALEMBANG – The Company of Semen Baturaja (SMBR) and the Attorney General Office of South Sumatra have signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the handling of civil law and state administrative procedure law in the latter’s office building on Wednesday, 22 April. The signing of the memorandum was performed by the General and Human Resources […]

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Semen Baturaja Shows Consideration over Covid-19 Pandemic, Distributes Medical Equipments Through Task Force for Handling Covid-19 Disaster of OKU Region

BATURAJA – The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has spread in more than 282 cities in Indonesia. This number keeps on increasing, despite the lowering curve on positive cases and the increase of cases of recovering from Covid-19. As per 26 April 2020, it has been listed that there are 129 positive cases of Covid-19 in the […]

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SMBR Ensure the Company’s Operation Will Not be Hindered Amidst the Coronavirus Pandemic

Applying the Various Preventive Measures in Accordance with the Protocol Standard set by the Central Government PALEMBANG – The current spreading of Coronaviruse Disease 2019 (Covid-19) has worsened. As of 5 April 2020, a number of 2273 positive infection case has been listed in Indonesia. Currently, there are at least 44 patients under surveillance that […]

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State-Owned Business Enterprises of South Sumatra Join Forces, Provide Relief to Fight Covid-19

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja, together with other 45 State-Owned Business Enterprises of South Sumatra that are included in the South Sumatra State-Owned Business Enterprise Task Force for National Disaster, have donated medical equipments to the government of South Sumatra. The relief support provided consisted of accumulated funds from the entire State-Owned Business Enterprises of South […]

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SMBR Incorporated Into Covid-19 Task Force of OKU Region, Participating in Disinfectant Spraying on Public Area of Baturaja City

BATURAJA – In anticipating the impact of Covid-19, the government of OKU region has formed the Covid-19 Task Force Team of OKU Region consisting of Regional Leadership Coordinating Forum of OKU and several companies situated in said region. Semen Baturaja is one among those companies that is actively involved on its activities. One of its […]


SMBR Sterilization of Entire Work Area in Anticipation of Covid-19 Transmission

PALEMBANG – To prevent the spread of Covid-19 virus, Semen Baturaja has performed the sterilization of their entire work location by using disinfectant spray. As a preventive measure of Covid-19, SMBR has also arranged a serial of activities such as body temperature measurement, distributing free face mask, providing antiseptic spray on work area, conducting the […]


Level 1 & Level 2 Capital Market Course for Employees of SMBR Palembang

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has collaborated with Stock Exchange Indonesia and Indo Premier Sekuritas to organize the Capital Market Course program for its employees. Hari Mulyono, the head of Representative Office of Stock Exchange Indonesia, together with Fitria Andriani of Indo Premier Sekuritas, instructed the course with the goal of educating the employees about Capital […]