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SMBR Held Disinfectant Spraying Program in Areas Near Ring I of Baturaja Plant to Prevent Covid-19

BATURAJA – In the effort to prevent the spreading of Covid-19, Semen Baturaja, through their CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) Program, has conducted disinfectant spraying for districts and villages situated near Ring I of Baturaja Plant. The CSR program is an act of consideration by SMBR in supporting the government’s attempt to manage the infection of […]


Virtual Halal bi-Halal (Indonesian Islamic Social Gathering) 1 Syawal 1441 & Town Hall Meeting

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has organized Halal bi-Halal and Town Hall Meeting in the middle of Covid-19 pandemic. The company event that has become an annual tradition was being held differently this time; it was now done virtually through Video Conference on Tuesday, 4 June, with all Board Directors and employees of SMBR attending (or […]

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SMBR Distributed Medical Equipment Supplies Through Task Force of Rapid Handling of Covid-19 in Palembang City

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja (SMBR) has donated several medical equipment supplies to Task Force of Rapid Handling of Covid-19 in Palembang city on Wednesday, 13 May, as one of the company’s vigilant policies in compliance to the decreed Letter of Large Scale Social Distancing enactment by the Ministry of Health of Indonesia. Report by the […]

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Distribution of Food Supplies Packages from SMBR, PTBA, and KMM for Citizens Affected by Covid-19 in Palembang

PALEMBANG – As a gesture of consideration towards the citizens affected by Covid-19, Semen Baturaja along with Bukit Asam and Kapuas Musi Madelyn, both being distributors of Semen Baturaja, have donated 246 packages of food supplies. The donation was held in Palembang Golf Center on Saturday, 9 May, with Fuad Azizi, the Senior Manager CSR, […]

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Celebrating Holy Month of Ramadhan, Semen Baturaja Distributed 18.450 Packages of Free Food Supplies for Locals Living Nearby Baturaja Plant

BATURAJA – In welcoming the holy month of Ramadhan, Semen Baturaja has again showed their consideration towards locals living near by the Baturaja Plant through distributing food supplies packages; something that has become an annual tradition for them. This year, Semen Baturaja has distributed 18.450 free packages into six sub-districts and two villages around the […]


Commemorating Labor Day, Semen Baturaja Worker’s Union Donated Face Masks and Takjil (Ramadhan Sweet Treats) for Officers of Covid-19 Posts in OKU Region

BATURAJA – Coinciding with the May Day, or National Labor Day, Semen Baturaja Worker’s Union had conducted a social activity as form of solidarity between fellow workers. On Wednesday, 6 April, the Union had donated 300 pieces of face masks and provided takjil (sweet treats during Ramadhan) for officers working on Covid-19 Posts in OKU […]


Semen Baturaja Signed Memorandum of Understanding with Attorney General Office of Sumatra Selatan Concerning the Handling of Civil Law and State Administrative Procedure Law

PALEMBANG – The Company of Semen Baturaja (SMBR) and the Attorney General Office of South Sumatra have signed a memorandum of understanding concerning the handling of civil law and state administrative procedure law in the latter’s office building on Wednesday, 22 April. The signing of the memorandum was performed by the General and Human Resources […]

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Semen Baturaja Shows Consideration over Covid-19 Pandemic, Distributes Medical Equipments Through Task Force for Handling Covid-19 Disaster of OKU Region

BATURAJA – The Coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic has spread in more than 282 cities in Indonesia. This number keeps on increasing, despite the lowering curve on positive cases and the increase of cases of recovering from Covid-19. As per 26 April 2020, it has been listed that there are 129 positive cases of Covid-19 in the […]