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Semen Baturaja Received Recess Visitation from Palembang Regional People’s Representative Council of Electoral District VI

PALEMBANG – On Monday, 2 December, the Head Office of Semen Baturaja has received a recess visitation from Palembang Regional People;s Representative Council of Electoral District VI on the occasion of conveying society’s aspiration for the Management of SMBR. The visitation was lead by Dr. H. Fauzi Ahmad SH. MH. together with members: Siti Suhaifa […]

The Grand Opening of As-Saniyah Orphanage in Celebration of SMBR’s 45th Anniversary

BATURAJA – In showing the gratitude for its 45th year anniversary, the management team of SMBR along with Semen Baturaja Employee Union and the Employees’ Housewife Association have visited the orphanage of As-Saniyah in Baturaja to officially open a retirement home whose construction has been finished. In the same occasion, the management of SMBR, the […]

SMBR’s 45th Anniversary Culminates in Gathering Party among Management Team and Employees

BATURAJA – Still related with the SMBR’s 45th Anniversary Celebration, Semen Baturaja held a Gathering Party that was held on Wisma Ganesha’s Hall, Baturaja at Thursday, 14 November. The event was attended by the Board of Directors, employees which include contract and outsourcing workers, the company’s subsidiary director (Baturaja Multi Usaha), and Baturaja Daya Insani […]

SMBR 45th Anniversary’s Ceremony for Employee Appreciation and Years of Service Recognition

BATURAJA – One of the important events that are being celebrated annually as part of SMBR’s anniversary is the Ceremony for Employee Appreciation and Years of Service Recognition. The ceremony, which was held on14 November in Baturaja Plant as part of the company’s anniversary celebration, is highlighted through the awarding of service milestone for SMBR […]


Semen Baturaja Provides Locals of Ring I with Motorcycle Mechanic Certificate Training

PALEMBANG – Semen Baturaja has held the Motorcycle Mechanic Certificate Training on Astra Honda Motor (AHM) Plaju, Palembang. The training took place from 28 October until 3 November 2019. The training was attended by 20 participants, in which all of them are locals of Ring I Semen Baturaja plant from both Baturaja and Palembang branch. […]

Semen Baturaja’s Signing of Memorandum of Understanding with Pegadaian

PALEMBANG – The company of Semen Baturaja, along with 29 other stakeholders, have signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Pegadaian company during the “Gathering and Signing of State-owned Enterprises and Corporations” event. The event held by Pegadaian company in the ballroom of Hotel Aryaduta Palembang on Thursday, 31 October, was personally attended by the […]